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I am SO HAPPY that we found Amy. She is not only one of the sweetest people on the planet but she is also so good at what she does. She created such a beautiful candy buffet for our wedding. People continue to talk about it as one of the highlights of the day! When my hubby and I were done taking pictures Amy came up to us with ice water (how did she know we were DYING of thirst? ha). She also gave me a few pieces of delicious dark chocolates (my absolute fave) and made the hubby and I bags of candy so that we wouldn't miss out on anything. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Amy. She is so professional and passionate about her work and she really does just have a gift when it comes to making a wedding day extra special. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. My hubby and I are sooooooooooo happy that we met Amy!
~Mrs. Jess Schrader, Married 11.12.11

Amy is our go to gal when it comes to almost any larger function we are throwing. Whether personal, or a corporate event, she has helped us in throwing amazing celebrations. Examples of events she's been a part of for our family include weddings (of course!), baby showers, and company parties. When she has been present, I've been able to actually enjoy and be a part of the festivities! She is a gem :)
~Ward family, Wedding | Baby Showers | Corporate Events

I must say that Amy is absolutely AMAZING!!! I was debating for a while on whether I should hire Amy or not and let me tell you I don't know how I would have gotten through my wedding in once piece without her! She took all of the stress away from my husband and I and made sure she took care of it all! She helped make all of my dreams come true! We didn't have the "traditional" wedding and Amy really understood that about us. We didn't want the formal sit down dinner, or the formal hello to everyone. We are a more casual couple and we really wanted that to shine the day of the wedding. If it wasn't for Amy helping us along to way I don't think that it would have gone as well as it did! We still had a lot of elegance and some traditional stuff but it was also very casual at the same time! Amy was my right hand man the entire month before the wedding! I didn't feel one ounce of stress but instead I felt relief that everything was taken care of and I 100% trusted her!
If you are questioning if you need to hire a planner for the month or day of the event I would say make sure to fit it in your budget! Amy will ensure that you have the time of your life! Why spend a ton of money on your wedding and something go wrong when you can spend a little extra money and she will make sure it absolutely perfect and you have no worries what so ever!
Amy also surprised us with an AMAZING surprise!!! That is just how awesome she is, she will make sure you have one of the best day's of your life!
Amy helped make our dream wedding come true and I couldn't thank her enough!! No words can express how much we adore, love and cherish everything that she has done for us! Thank you so much Amy!!1 You truly are the BEST!!!
~ Mrs. Valerie Munson, Married 11.11.11

She did a fantastic job. She showed up in my planning process towards the end. I only hired her for the wedding day because I didn't think that I had the money. She was very affordable and not only coordinated the wedding and helped me in any way she could but she also created a beautiful candy buffet that was done in our colors.
~Mrs Tiffany Evans, Married 09.24.11

Celebrations by Amy Bacon is an outstanding company. They were hired to provide a Candy Buffet. The Buffet they provided was outstanding. Amy went above and beyond on her services. When the Buffet was set up she stayed and assisted my daughter through the evening. Man, what a relief she was. So if you need a Candy Buffet... Hire Amy..... If you want a wedding coordinator.... Hire Amy.... If you want Both.... Hire Amy....... She is the best!
~Mr. Scott Smith, Father of the Bride, Married 9.24.11

Amy Bacon with Celebrations by Amy Bacon, was my wedding fairy godmother! She swooped in and just took everything off my hands and mind. The greatest gift I could have received was just being able to enjoy my wedding without a million stresses on my shoulders. She was able to take my ideas and run with them. She connected with everyone involved with the wedding and made sure things were running smooth from my view point so that I could have fun and not worry about a thing! I couldn't be more grateful for all that she did. My wedding would have been nothing without her or there would have been one very sleep deprived and delirious bride. From getting everyone to there marks on time to applying lip gloss on me as I was about to walk out to my reception, You did amazing!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU Amy for creating an event that our family will never forget and that I could hold tight to my heart!
~Mrs. Grace Morrison Married 09.03.11

VERY responsive to my needs! She gave me ideas I didn't even know I needed. The nicest person and sooo professional. Would (and have) recommend her to anyone I know that's getting married or even having a big event. Thanks Amy!
~Mrs. April Enniss Married 08.26.2011

Yesterday, we threw an amazing baby shower for my brother's first kid.... actually the first kid for the next generation of our family. I usually do all the hosting and games for parties i throw but this time - i decided to hire Amy for the actual event portion and give her all my instructions. Let me tell you she carried it out to a perfect T! She did a fantastic candy buffet, took care of all the guests, decorated the house and carried out all the games. It was the first time that I didn't feel stressed and I didn't worry the entire time! Amy is awesome and worth every penny. All the guests loved her!!!!!
~Mrs. Eva Ward, baby shower 8.6.11

When I started my wedding planning I wanted to be the DIY bride all the way but I also had some very big dreams of having my wedding reception in my parent’s backyard. My family and I quickly realized that some of it needed assistance. That’s when I met Amy Bacon. We hit it off right away; when we met she was friendly and easy to talk to. She wasn’t pushy at all. She even loved the idea of the DIY things I wanted to do. Amy would listen to my dreams and make them come true. Amy truly made my fairy tale wedding come true. I got so overwhelmed with meeting different vendors and trust me the things like making the fans, or tying ribbon on bubbles is way more fun. When you work with Amy she makes finding all the perfect vendors easy, she knows many vendors from every aspect of your wedding. It’s important to her that you get along with everyone. If there is any hesitation in your voice she will know but the best part is she knows how to fix it and make you feel so much better.
The week leading up to your wedding can be very stressful; I was still finishing my last week of teaching and working hard on report cards and cleaning my classroom. Knowing that Amy was part of my wedding I wasn’t stressed at all. She was in communication all the time. Any little question she was there. Amy went way above and beyond for me and let me tell you, with a snake in the backyard, my brother trying to drink inappropriately and the police showing up at my reception. My wedding went off without a glitch and I can only thank one person Amy Bacon. Getting a Wedding Coordinator was the best thing I did and Amy was great and reasonable. To me she wasn’t just a wedding planner; she was part of the wedding party. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else.
So ask yourself, if you want someone who knows the business, isn’t out to drain the bank, has creative ideas, helps you have a stress free wedding, and works hard. You want to work with Amy. To me she wasn’t just a wedding planner; she was part of the wedding party.
~Mrs. Katie Porter, Married 6.4.11

5 Stars all the way. Amy Bacon is my rock-star from our wedding. First off, I’m a very Type A, highly organized bride who planned many many details and as my wedding day got closer. I was one of the brides who told myself anything to not ask for help. The best decision I made started when I realized I couldn’t be my OWN wedding planner. I wanted to be a bride that day and not be worried about anything but being happy. I needed someone who could really LISTEN to what I envisioned and planned .. someone respectful of ours plans, our family, and our decisions… someone special. Amy was that someone. Amy was such a blessing. Since I met her, I was sold. She was honest, sincere, and I could tell she cared about me and wanted to help me with such a big day in my life. She is respectful, informative, polite, highly organized, and an amazing communicator. On top of that, she was so sincere that I really felt comfortable having her at my wedding. By the “day of” she was my friend, my “go to” girl, and my saving grace when it came to unexpected situations. Bottom line is that we trusted her. We hired her as my wedding day-of coordinator and she went above and beyond to ensure that my wedding dreams/vision came through. Everything was perfect. My fiance was skeptical at first about why we would need a wedding planner but at the end of the day he was super thankful she was there. He was thankful that Amy showed up at rehearsal picking up all our items for the Big Day and just seeing the stress come off his fiance really put his heart at ease that she’s worth every penny. On our wedding day, he said "lets ask Amy" or "I'm glad Amy is helping you baby.” I really felt at ease knowing that he needed her as much as I did :). Our families raved about how personable, helpful, and hardworking she was throughout the evening and the next day at brunch. They complimented at how hard she worked that day and how helpful she was to the bride/groom/ and every single guest. The morning of, we had to switch wedding cars and it was not decorated but my maid of honor and called Amy and she was there for the rescue – no issues, no complaints .. just a “I’ll take care of it.” And Boy did she deliver. Not to mention, Amy helped us at the hotel after the wedding. She had checked into our suite for us earlier that day, decorated it, surprised me with my favorite snack (cookies and milk), a gift for me and my new husband, and even waited outside the door so she could pick up my wedding dress for preservation and his tux for return. The next day she was still working, dropping off my bouquet, my dress, the tuxes. She’s superwoman for sure. There are no words to express how important it is for a bride to not just hire a planner.. but to HIRE Amy Bacon. I planned the wedding and when the week of the wedding came, she was there to take it off my hands and deliver. If you're a bride and doesn't want to plan the wedding, EVEN BETTER. Whatever help you need for the wedding, she is THE BEST. Now i have gained a life long friend and I couldn't have imagined my wedding day without her. I remember thinking multiple times before the wedding day and during, "How does a bride do it without her?!" Don't be one of those brides :) Trust me and INVEST in Celebrations by Amy Bacon. Worth every penny. Worth every celebration.
~Mrs. Evangeline Sabado, married 5.14.11

My wedding was at the end of March and I started planning it in November. First I was convinced that I was able to pull it off but things kept coming up and by the end of February I was just absolutely overwhelmed, frustrated and convinced that it would be a total disaster. Fortunately for me my florist Michelle from Crazy Daisies recommended to call Amy, which I did. From that moment on it was all a breeze. Amy helped me by suggesting vendors and negotiating with them, she was always available to talk to and came up with the great candy buffet which was a hit at the reception. I am so glad that Amy was there to coordinate everything on my wedding day. Because of her I was able to enjoy every moment. I did not have to worry about anything. Any problems that came up were fixed before I even heard about them. It was an amazing day that my husband and will always remember. Thanks to Amy my wedding day was a dream come true.
~Mrs. Lena Sawyer, married 3.27.11

I could go on for days about how great Amy was at my "daughters" wedding! She helped everyone that needed it, there was not a single thing that the family had to do, she was everywhere all at once. I do not know how she did it! The candy buffet was so much fun! Amy made my daughters most important day so spectacular! I am so glad that Amy was a part of it all. She didn't just make the bride and groom comfortable and happy, but everyone that came to the wedding came away feeling like it was their day as well. AMY is the best!!!! When my biological daughter gets married (in a few years) Amy is the person we will be hiring to take care of it all for us!
~Mrs. Cindy De Champ, Mother of the Bride, married 3.27.11

Having the perfect wedding has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I had so many ideas and so many small details that I had envisioned, I knew I would need someone to help me put it all together. Amy did this for me, and then some. My only job on my wedding day was to be the bride. I was relaxed and happy all day, because Amy was taking care of all of the hard stuff. She was there for me in so many ways, I don't know if I could ever truly express how grateful I am for her hard work. Even now, my guests comment on just how seamless the day's events were. I would highly recommend Amy Bacon to any bride who wants to enjoy her big day as a bride should.
~Mrs. Ashley Rahaman, married 3.12.11

I met Amy Bacon at one of the local bridal shows in the early stages of planning our wedding and was so impressed by her energy and demeanor. Once we decided that, yes, we absolutely needed a planner I called her immediately. As lead Wedding Planner for our event, Amy was on top of things from day one, referred several fantastic vendors to us, and made sure that we stayed on track with everything we needed to do to have the celebration of a lifetime.
She followed up with me - and more importantly - with every single one of my vendors to ensure that every single detail was managed appropriately. Day of, I had no stress at all since all of the details had been managed appropriately.
I also hired her to do a candy buffet for our reception. It was a huge hit and ended up being the perfect wedding favor for our guests. Everyone just loved it - young and old and it was a gorgeous decorative element for the room.
It was so nice to be able to relax on my wedding and totally enjoy the day - something I definitely would not have been able to do without her services. I'd give her 10 stars if I could.
~Mrs. Robin Garrison, married 3.5.11

If you’re debating whether or not you need a day-of coordinator, trust me, you do. And if you want someone super organized and sweet for a great price, you need Amy Bacon. She had wonderful vendor recommendations when I needed them, and did a great job of keeping everyone on the same page the week of the wedding. Amy was totally there for me every step of the way. When I had a flower crisis two days before the wedding, Amy was immediately on the phone and on-line looking for someone who could help me out. She also helped my mother pull herself together before the ceremony, for which I am extremely grateful. Amy, helped make our wedding day truly special and EXACTLY the way we planned. I wish I could give her more than five stars!
~Mrs. Julie Mead, married 1.16.11

I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Amy helping me at my wedding. When I was referred to her I did not think I needed a wedding planner. I really wanted to plan my wedding, and thought I knew how to do it. I WAS WRONG! I knew what colors I wanted but I had no idea how much detail would go into the full picture. It was nice to have someone to talk to when my family or fiancé didn't want to hear any more. I was able to text her and email her at night or while I was at work. She always responded quickly and happily. I know she was busy but she always made time for me and made me feel like I was the ONLY bride she was working with. She ran my rehearsal and allowed me to just be the bride. The night of my rehearsal she came and picked up everything at my home so my fiancé and I, my family and friends didn’t have to worry about a single thing on the wedding day. When I arrived at the venue to put my dress on EVERYTHING was done exactly as I imagined it and told her I wanted. All night she took care of us and made us feel like royalty. Even my photographer told me that Amy took care of her and her assistant. If you want to enjoy your wedding call Amy and book her before someone else does. I have a lifelong friend now and I'm so glad I had her by my side for the planning and to take care of me and everything else on my wedding day. Thank you Celebrations By Amy Bacon.
~Mrs. Shannon Dilson, married 12.11.10

Amy Bacon was our wedding planner in November 2010. She was AMAZING!!! She went above and beyond anything that we ever expected in helping us plan our special day and helping by being there the day of our wedding. Investing in her was sooo worth it because we did not have to deal with any of the problems on our big day. And after our wedding we actually found out that she saved our day from being a disaster. I would have broke down crying if I didn't have Amy there to take care of everything. She made our day sooo special for us and we will always be grateful to her. We plan on using Amy's services in the future for sure!
~Mrs. Danielle Mendoza, married 11.20.11

I don't know what i would have done with out you coordinating wedding. You went far and beyond to make my wedding stress free and wonderful. After my wedding everyone stated to me that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. It ran so smoothly and we will remember everything that did for me in planning my perfect day. Thank You So Much.
~Mrs. Sarah O'Brien, married 6.26.11

Amy is awesome! The level of professionalism and customer service is the absolute best you can find! From the beginning to the end she made sure everything went smoothly and made sure all the vendors were on the same page. She wants to make sure your special day is truly SPECIAL and everything you want it to be. If you are looking for a wedding planner look no further than Celebrations by Amy Bacon!!
~Mrs. Priscilla Martin, married 5.01.11

I came to Amy with tears in my eyes from all the frustrations of trying to plan our wedding by ourselves. I myself, having been certified in as a wedding coordinator could not possibly do what Amy was able to come in and do for us. This woman was amazing from beginning to end. We even had a wedding crasher that Amy handled in such a respectful way, that we still talk about it today! If you want the best, hire Celebrations by Amy Bacon!
~Mrs. Jean Olson Piersanti, married 10.3.10

I met Amy at my daughter's March 27th wedding. As the mother of the Bride, I, along with her father, were prompted to write this letter.
To say that we were impressed by her coordinating talent is an understatement. Amy proved herself to be an accomplished director and organizer in her field. She took the biggest and most complex jobs and handled them with ease in a professional manner and in a capacity that pleased every one of the principals and all the guests, which is no easy feat. As well, she took the most basic jobs and did them all with an admirable amount of elegant style. In addition, Amy's character and demeanor is kind and friendly (which to us, counts very much).
My husband and I were amazed at the detail to which she attended her position. We watched her quiet and unobtrusive supervision, all the while allowing the Bride and Groom to shine as the stars they should be for their special day,
Amy is highly competent in the implementation of her vocation, making it so easy to recommend her as your choice.
~Mrs. Jim & Irene Olson, parents of the bride 10.3.10

Amy is amazing! From the moment she started helping me, all the way through the end of my wedding day, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She was taking care of things that I didn't even know needed to be taken care of. Her ideas for little extra details are awesome and she always gets back to you right away (even if you are calling during a "freak out" moment with some silly little thing that you can probably figure out yourself). The week of my wedding felt like a breeze because there was literally nothing for me to do because she had taken care of everything. She maintained all contact with vendors, fielded questions from other wedding contacts, facilitated the entire rehearsal and was at the reception site for set up before the on-site contact was even there! Professional, fun and friendly - she made the best day of my life look and feel effortless...
~Mrs. Leah Welch, married 7.24.09

I could not have enjoyed my wedding as much as I did if it were not for Amy Bacon. I had to put together a wedding rather quickly I could not believe how much money I saved by getting help! Amy introduced me to professionals that were wonderful to work with. She was always on top of things before I even thought of them. She made my entire family, and wedding party understand what needed to done and made sure we were all on the same page. Her organizational skills and bubbly personality made her a joy to work with. She handled every thing on the day of my wedding that I thought I would have to stress about. I got to just enjoy every moment knowing it was all taken care of. I would, and have recommended her to friends. Celebrations By Amy Bacon can handle any and all of your events.
~Mrs. Jessica Reineman, married 8.27.05

Vendor Endorsements

I proudly endorse Celebrations By Amy Bacon. It is so reassuring to know that when I work with Amy and her gals, not only am I going to be taken care of as a co-vendor, but that the wedding we are working on together, will be pulled off as a success. Amy takes much pride in her work and is able to make the wheels spin as they should for all her brides. The bumps and kinks that come from putting on a wedding, go unnoticed when Amy and her crew are there. No matter what comes up, things are handled professionally and you can be confident that your day will be amazing. Celebrations by Amy Bacon is one talented team and I highly recommend working with them on your wedding day.
~AmberLee Makeup

Amy is great and super down to earth , we worked with her and never met before and it was awesome. She has a fabulous fun crew.
~AZ Celebrity DJ

Amazing planner with experience to carry you from the beginning stages of your wedding to the altar. Amy and her team really make the experience for vendors and brides a great experience. Friendly, fun and always on top of the newest trends. Make sure to calculate a planner or even day of coordinator into your budget. It's a must for every wedding day.
~Blue Hills Photography

We had the chance to work with Amy and her team and were extremely impressed with the ahead of time planning that was clearly done well as the wedding was beautiful and full of great details. But, we were even more impressed at how Amy and her team handled unforeseen hiccups that were out of everyone's control and managed to keep things running smooth so guests were completely unaware and the bride's blood pressure didn't have to go up a single notch! With the level of service these days in wedding planning, sometimes the differentiation is in how well they can think on their feet, improvise, and still maintain a seriously high level of service. Clique Photo Station would be happy to recommend Celebrations by Amy for your wedding!
~Clique Photo Station

As a fellow Arizona Wedding Vendor, I have heard that Amy Bacon and her crew and THE BEST Wedding and Event Planners in our state! Both vendors and clients alike LOVE all the care and attention to details she shows in every aspect of what she does. If you want a Wedding Planner that goes the Extra Mile for you, then I highly recommend using Celebrations by Amy Bacon....because with Amy Bacon at the helm.... you will truly have smooth sailing!
~Couture Cake Jewelry

When I met Amy at one of my clients' weddings, I was very impressed. She made sure that everyone's needs were met, she kept the event on schedule, and the wedding turned out beautifully. Amy's attention to details and her ability to coordinate the many aspects of an event are remarkable. I would eagerly recommend Amy Bacon for any event.
~Daniel Tekunoff, Classical Guitarist

Great personality and "all pro"! Desert House Productions is pleased to endorse Celebrations by Amy Bacon!
~Desert House Productions

Amy Bacon and her team are beyond amazing! Organized is not sufficient in describing how on point they are. It seems as if Amy and her team have Mary Poppins wonderful carpet bag, and a crystal ball in there too. I highly recommended using Celebrations by Amy Bacon, you will not be disappointed, promise!
~Enlighten Studio

I'm not a bride, but I do own Floral Keepsakes, we specialize in preserving the flowers after the wedding, so I get to talk with the brides about how their special day went. Over the years Amy's brides had only raving reviews of her! Amy is always willing to go the extra mile for her brides and loves her job! I would highly recommend Celebrations by Amy Bacon.
~Lisa Conti, Floral Keepsakes

I always look forward to working with Amy Bacon and her team! As a vendor, I know things are going to be in order- in turn, my bride will be at ease. Everytime I've had the pleasure of working with these ladies, the wedding is spectacular. You can't go wrong with Amy Bacon coordinating your most special day!
~Makeup by Debbie Verver

Amy is very professional, organized, creative and a delight to work with. We would love to partner with her again in the future!!
~McCormick Ranch Golf Club

Amy's attention to detail will ensure that your wedding will go on seamlessly. She's a true professional and you will provide you with a great sense of peace of mind. I highly recommend Celebrations by Amy to anyone planning a wedding or any other type of event that needs a master organizer.
~Rev. Rick

I recently had an opportunity to work with Amy and Patrice of Celebrations by Amy Bacon and I can't speak enough about how great the experience was. They were so professional with fantastic attention to detail. It made my job even more enjoyable. As a wedding photographer, we rely on the abilities of the planners to make sure the day goes as it is supposed to. Amy and Patrice made sure everything went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend Celebrations by Amy Bacon when you are looking for an event planner. They are absolutely great!
~SJA Studios

It was such a pleasure working with Amy Bacon and her team for a recent wedding at The Clayton! I was very impressed with how organized and attentive she is to all aspects of her client's events. The entire process- from site tours and meetings throughout day-of coordination- was seamless and exceeded expectations. I feel confident in recommending Celebrations by Amy Bacon to anyone looking for a wedding planner.
~The Clayton on the Park

Celebrations by Amy Bacon rocks. I had the pleasure of working with her on a wedding this past weekend .She was on top of every last detail down to getting Starbucks for the entire bridal party and myself and the makeup artist as well ! The bride and her family was pleased with the service provided by Amy and her staff.The wedding day ran smoothly and everyone was relaxed and at ease.A wedding planner providing excellent service in turn makes my job that much easier!
~The Grateful Head

Amy is an easy candidate to promote in the wedding industry. Her candy tables are amazing and very classy. Amy is great to work with, she is passionate and it shows at every turn. Get to know Celebrations by Amy Bacon, her staff are extremely friendly and know what they are doing. Planning a wedding comes down to the details, let Amy and her wonderful staff help you capture the essence without the pain.
~Steve Simonis, Universal Disc & Video Jockeys

With Amy it is all about the personal details and quality service for both her clients and fellow wedding vendors. I could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and courtesy I received in the months leading up to the wedding I worked on with Amy. She is dedicated, kind and wonderfully organized.
~Laura Segall Photography

In the midst of adversity, you somehow keep a cool head and maintain professionalism. Any bride would be lucky to have you plan and execute their special day. If only people could see what I see behind the scenes...they would gladly pay you double!
~Sean Michael Wallace

As a photographer I've worked with wedding planners, and believe me when I say that Celebrations by Amy *IS THE BEST* you're going to find! I want every wedding with her!
Amy fetches an enormous reputation for a number of positives. I can only imagine how much more impressive her services will become over time. Actually I can't because I see no room for improvement. I've experienced several planners that 'float' through the day just getting it done like another day of work, but Amy takes your special day to heart and pours passion into it!
Let me list some bullet points: Very thorough and immediate communication before / during / after the Day, always with a sincere smile no matter how stressful or busy, eager to do any idea, does not crack under tremendous pressure, she wipes any stress away with her confidence and ability to do it, makes sure all the other vendors are taken care of (helping us to perform better for you), FLEXIBLE, and is excited and grateful to help! Her kindness and quick sharpness will set your mind at ease so you can focus on enjoying the day rather than worrying about any details or the schedule.
The wedding day we worked on together was a stressful day, but I give her 100% credit for making it happen so awesomely. The weather was not co-operating and last minute requests were being made. A threat of rain arrived before the ceremony and she made the decision to move the reception indoors. She had less than one hour to move and reset everything, while juggling everything else. For this occasion she brought her entire staff. Everyone was easy to find the entire day, came to me before I asked for anything, were present at all times, and we all communicated and worked with the schedule as it flowed.
Check out her page on Facebook to see all the other thrilled compliments she's getting and previews of the work she does.
~Leland Gebhardt owner/photographer at Leland Gebhardt, LLC

Amy and her team at Celebrations by Amy Bacon are AMAZING to work with! Amy is not only very organized, detail oriented, and professional, but she strives to make the client's wedding go as smoothly as possible. Not only does she take care of the clients' need, but she also helped take care of us by making sure we had what we needed and even providing us with water on a hot day! She is very vendor friendly and makes it so easy to work together as a team. Amy provides a service that every bride should highly consider. This way the bride & groom and their families can relax and enjoy the day instead of stressing or worrying. Amy is worth every penny!
~Classic Digital Photography

We have known Amy Bacon for a few years since moving out to Arizona in 2007. Over this past weekend, we got the opportunity to work with her, Gale and Patrice at a wedding we did at the Westin in downtown Phoenix. She was a pleasure and I was amazed at how when things were thrown in her path, how cool, calm and collected she seemed and how the wedding never went off track time wise or otherwise. She even emailed us several days prior to ask us what our preferred drink of choice was (water, soda or iced tea)! Never in 20 years in the business in NY or AZ, did someone ever care what our concerns as a vendor were. It was sheer pleasure and if you are looking for a wedding coordinator to keep things organized, flowing and above all else, pleasant and flowing, Celebrations by Amy Bacon is the real deal!
~Photography by Verdi

Amy and her team are amazing. They most definitely go above-and-beyond the call of duty for their Clients and the other Vendors at Weddings and Events. They are extremely detail oriented and take care of absolutely everything for their Clients.
~All-American DJ Company

Amy Bacon is one of the most professional and organized vendors we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is able to stay on top of everything leading up to the wedding day and manages to keep everything rolling along smoothly the day of. She has fabulous relationships and connections throughout the industry and we never hesitate to recommend her services to all of our happy couples. You can tell that Amy truly loves what she does and her work ethic and great attitude really set her apart. We'll gladly offer our highest recommendation possible - thank you Amy!
~Mike Maez Photography

Amy and her team are FANTASTIC to work with! They did an amazing job keeping things flowing and organized on a very busy wedding day. They even made an extra effort to make sure all of the other vendors were well treated and extremely well cared for. Brides, you will not regret choosing Amy to manage your day so you can sit back, relax and soak in the moments while she makes sure everything is in order. AND your other vendors will thank you too for hiring such a great team player!
~Ryan & Denise Photography

I've known about Amy from Celebrations By Amy Bacon for a while and have heard about how she really loves what she does and how her clients love her. I got to witness that last week as we had the chance to work together. She was easy to work with, she made sure I had everything I needed, and she work well with all the vendors as a team player to ensure a smooth flowing wedding. Amy builds a great connection with her clients, and vendors which is very important for a stress free wedding. I hope to work with her again soon.
~PME DJ Service

Working with Amy makes everything run so much more smoothly. She pays attention to all the fine details to insure your day is perfect and memorable. She is creative and always thinks outside of the box. Can't wait to work with you soon again Amy!
~Jasmine Amber Photography

Don't let stress ruin your special day. Amy Bacon is not only professional, thorough and detail oriented, she truly cares about her clients. Countless times, I've heard nothing but praises, thank yous and many other great things from brides about Amy.
~My Wedding Masterpiece

I highly recommend the services of Celebrations By Amy Bacon to make your Wedding Day that very special day. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Amy keeps all the vendors and the bride and groom on time and running smoothly. You will be very pleased with her professionalism.
~Claudia of Claudia's Custom Jewelry

Amy Bacon is a pleasure to work with!! You can count on the perfect celebration and a professional experience when working with her!!!
~Arizona Bartenders

Celebrations by Amy Bacon is highly recommended. They are easy to work with and very professional with everything that they do. Everyone that worked with them have only nice things to say about them. They do great work and you'll be very satisfied.
~Bamboo Bakery

Awesome planner. We had the pleasure or working with her for a wedding last May. Everything went so smoothly and I think her planning was an integral part of the big day! As a florist I appreciate having a "point person" who helps us complete our job, helping us be where we need to be and when, taking care of details such as delivery times and set up locations, and when we're able to more effectively do our job our clients are happy!
~Butterfly Petals

Amy is wonderful to work with, and our couple and their whole family just adored her! She did a fabulous job keeping the day running smoothly, and made my day easier as well!
~Megan Anderson of Drew & Megan Photography

Everything Amy Bacon and her team does is amazing! Her clients are always happy and I can tell you she will always go the extra mile to make sure you get EVERYTHING you want and more! Celebrations by Amy Bacon, can also provide the most beautiful candy buffet's to your special day, which is a plus, as most of the time you would have to pay a second company to come out and do this for you. I recommend Amy to many of my brides. Call her today for a consultation. You will be so glad you did!
~Jennifer Colvin Owner of Ever After Florals

I worked with Amy at a recent wedding and her service was amazing! She kept the bride and grooms needs in mind at all times. At this wedding she was doing a candy buffet and it was impeccable. She manned the buffet the entire time making sure that everything was just right and helping people as they came up to get candy. It was clear through our conversations that we both see the couples happiness as our main driving force for being in the wedding business. Amy was very easy to get along with and helpful to me which is nice since many vendors will just stick to what they do and not look for things to help with to make the day go smoother. I'd recommend any of Amy's services to anyone getting married.
~David Hoyt Owner of EZ/AZ DJ Services

Amy Bacon is a true pro! I have worked a couple of wedding with her and know first hand that she is great and easy to work with! All of her brides love her! If you are looking for a planner I highly recommend her!
~Tamiko Hunter Owner of Fabulous Linens

Amy is kind, gracious, and attentive to detail. She is with you every step of the way to ensure you are confident, radiant, and not stressed on your wedding day.
~Noelle Salinas Owner | Chef at Fresh from The Kitchen LLC

I highly recommend Celebrations By Amy Bacon!! Amy is a delight to work with - always professional and she always has her client's wishes as her priority. From wedding ceremonies and receptions, to all types of social events, Amy Bacon will capture your heart's desire to perfection! Be sure to choose Celebrations By Amy Bacon for your next event.
~Lisa Pressman of Lisa Pressman Ensemble

Planning the biggest day in your life is not to be taken lightly. Amy Bacon with Celebrations by Amy Bacon is a true Professional. Worrying about all the little things before your wedding can be a real headache. Amy and her staff can help you make your day worry and stress free. Amy takes the time to really get know her clients . When she helps you with your Wedding you not only get a wedding planner but gain a true friend .
~Patricia Ibarra Leupp Owner of Mr. Formal

Amy Bacon is a talented wedding coordinator with some of the most creative and unique ideas to help any bride fulfill her biggest expectations. Amy is one of the valleys brightest stars with a genuine passion to help make things go smoothly and will go out of her way for any bride and is a joy to work with.You will not be disappointed working with Amy.
~Ray Martinez Owner of Ray Mar Productions

Amy is a true professional. Ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly is her number one priority, but Amy really goes above and beyond for her brides and grooms, who often become close friends.
~Ann Campeau Owner of Strut Bridal

Amy did a wonderful job working with us. She was friendly, organized and professional. I highly recommend her for your wedding. Hire her today!
~The Hamptons Band

Verrado Weddings at The Raven Golf Club at Verrado would like to thank Amy for the spectacular job she did on March 27th for Lena and Jonathan's wedding. It was such a pleasure to work with you Amy, you made our job incredibly easy. For working out of a venue you had never been before as well as being hired 1 month before the wedding, you assisted as if it was your 100th visit. You were on top of everything and all was taken care of with ease. If you are a bride who is researching a wedding planner, do yourself a tremendous favor and hire her. She is professional and dedicated who will represent you with class. We look forward to working with Amy again.
~Raven Golf Club at Verrado

If you are a local vendor and you just so happen to get the chance to work with Amy Bacon, it WILL change the way you look at your service. The way she does business is so unique yet professional on a whole different level! Not only does she stay in control the entire time, but pays attention to the tiniest details that no one else would notice but her! If you want your wedding to go smoothly or you want an event that will be remembered for a lifetime, Amy Bacon is most definitely the right choice. Now if only we had her out in Florida with us...
~Todd Bedo of Under The Stars Photography

At Piece of Cake, we love working with Amy Bacon, and we highly recommend her for wedding planning. She is extremely organized with great attention to detail. On a vendor level, she makes sure we have all of the information we need to make the couple's special day go off without a hitch!
~Amy Kossman of Piece of Cake

Celebrations by Amy Bacon thinks of everything down to the very last and smallest detail. Amy goes out of her way to ensure that your wedding is everything that you have dreamed it would be even when you were a child. She takes all of your fabulous ideas and makes them become a reality. Amy and her team are worth their weight in gold, in my opinion. Every wedding I have done with her has gone off without a glitch. She is always prepared for the unexpected and then if something does happen, her way of taking charge and fixing the situation are a rare find. She truly treats every wedding as if it were her own wedding day and then makes it what you have always envisioned as a bride! Allow Amy to assist you with your wedding and I can promise you an amazing experience from start to finish! I love Celebrations by Amy Bacon and I am honored to work with her!
~Michelle Hadley of Crazy Daisies Flowers and Gifts

If I could give TEN stars, I would. Amy is the absolute best! If you're looking for someone professional to plan a flawless and memorable event, Celebrations by Amy Bacon should be your first choice! We enjoy working with her, it makes our job so much easier having someone like her to rely on to run the event. We look forward to working with Celebrations by Amy Bacon in the near future!
~Janae Tyars of Tyars MEDIA Videography

I had the great honer of working with Amy Bacon! A true professional and a joy to work with! I HIGHLY recommend her to any bride! I work with many brides and only ever hear positive things about her services! Amy Bacon is a must for any wedding!!!!!
~Hair by Amy Freudenberg

Amy Bacon is not only very detailed but she is so sweet and helpful. She will put any personal touch on your event that you could want. Her patience is flexibility will make the planning process easy for you and your loved ones. Contact Amy Bacon if you want the wedding of your dreams and one that your guests will talk about for years to come.
~IrisD Bridal

Attention to detail, energy and passion. You always know someone is going to do a great job when they are passionate about the job they do. If you want someone to take the stress out of your day then you need to hire Amy. I worked with her on a wedding where she not only successfully re-routed the entire guest list due to construction but also had a nail file handy for the bridesmaid who needed a quickie mani. Trust me, you will never be have to be a bridezilla if Amy is in your corner!
~Makeup By Jen B.

Amy is the quintessential professional. A successful wedding day comes as a result of excellent planning and having someone to work through all the details. Amy is the person who cares about the details, and she is able to pull off successful event after successful event because she pays such great attention to those details. We enjoy working with her any chance we get. -- Andy and VeeRonna Ragone (www.azdreamwedding.com)
~Andy and VeeRonna Ragone of AZ Dream Wedding
Client Testimonials

I had the most unbelievable dream wedding on New Year's Eve and I know every girl thinks they have a dream wedding, but I truly did and that's because of my incredible wedding planners Amy and Liz of Celebration by Amy Bacon. They were so thoughtful and beyond helpful during my entire 18 month long engagement. Constantly providing advice and making sure that my dream was captured. The night of my wedding I forgot to put my garter on and it wasn't until the DJ started calling all the single guys to the stage that I realized I wasn't wearing one. I panicked and looked at Amy and she pulled me aside and grabbed an extra one from her supplies

supplies and sent me back out there. It was seamless and the night went on without a hitch. Honestly, they are worth every penny and are so sweet and professional. If you want a dream wedding to be executed flawlessly I highly recommend Amy and Liz from Celebrations by Amy Bacon!
~Mrs.M.W., Married 12.31.16

If you are reading this review, look no further. Celebrations by Amy Bacon is not only professional, but also incredibly dedicated to their clients! Although you are just one client, you feel as though you are the only client. My wedding was a small intimate barn wedding. I even questioned hiring a wedding planner, but I'm so thankful I did. The time that is poured into planning a wedding is immense, and locating reputable vendors only adds to the stress of planning a wedding. It was very evident that Amy and her team regarded our wedding as a high priority. Not only do we feel incredibly fortunate to have been graced with the wedding planning expertise and support of Amy and her whole team, but we became like family through the process. We cannot thank Celebrations by Amy Bacon enough - thanks to them, our wedding will always be memorable.
~Mrs. R.C., Married 11.19.16

Amy goes out of her way to make sure you have everything you need to make your wedding day perfect. She is very caring and intuitive and knows the business inside and out. We wouldn't have been able to do this without her. I would recommend using her for the entire planning process not just the day of or week of, etc. We needed her throughout the planning process. She is a irreplaceable resource.
~Mrs. K.S., Married 10.15.16

Celebrations by Amy Bacon is not only professional, but also incredibly dedicated to their clients! Although you are just one client, you feel as though you are the only client. The time that is poured into planning a wedding is immense, and locating reputable vendors only adds to the stress of wedding planning. My husband and I discovered this not long after venturing into wedding planning on our own. Prior to hiring Celebrations by Amy Bacon, we had hired all of our wedding vendors. Had we known that we would experience the challenges we did, we would have hired Celebrations by Amy Bacon from the very beginning! The lack of responsiveness and delayed contracts from two of our most vital vendors is what led us to Celebrations by Amy Bacon. When we hired Amy and her team, our wedding was just 4 months away, yet we were still awaiting a contract from 2 of our most vital vendors. Knowing that we would not be able to secure alternative vendors in time for our wedding, panic had set in. But, Amy assured us that all pending matters would immediately be tended to. From the very beginning, my husband and I had the utmost confidence in Celebrations by Amy Bacon. It was very evident that Amy and her team regarded our wedding as a high priority. As promised, our pending contracts were soon secured (thank you to Amy’s persistence), which then allowed Amy to begin the process of establishing our wedding day timeline. Although, Amy experienced a lack of responsiveness from a few of our vendors, she persevered and was of course successful in finalizing a detailed, thorough timeline! Thanks to the determination and hard work put forth by both Amy and Liz, the execution of our wedding was seamless! Not only do we feel incredibly fortunate to have been graced with the wedding planning expertise and support of Amy and Liz, we also feel blessed to now have them in our lives! We cannot thank Celebrations by Amy Bacon enough -- thanks to them, our wedding far exceeded our expectations!
~Mrs. K.S., Married 10.15.16

Amy Bacon was literally the best decision we could have made for our wedding. We were looking to have a small intimate elopement style wedding. We are from Pennsylvania and looking to get married across the country at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We immediately knew the first thing we needed to do was find a wedding planner to help us. After reading all the amazing reviews about CBAB and speaking with her personally over the phone we knew instantly that she and her team were the wedding planners for us. We lived in a completely different state and were unable to be present for many meetings brides and grooms normally attend, including the basic meeting of your wedding planner. Amy stepped up in a huge way by working with us diligently over the phone and through email. She gathered all the details of what we needed for our wedding and went above and beyond to make sure our dream became a reality. She connected us with some amazing vendors that were equally as amazing to work with as Amy was. I was a bride who lived in a different state, who had no idea what her ceremony space looked like prior to walking down the aisle, Had no idea what her cake looked like or tasted like prior to the cutting of the cake, a bride who had no idea what her hair & make up would look like until it was done the day of the wedding. A bride who met her wedding planners, officiant, and photographer the week before her wedding for the first time. I am a bride who can honestly say that despite all of that my wedding was absolutely perfect, a complete dream come true. And my wedding had absolutely zero issues and turned out exactly how we had dreamed it would despite all the hurdles and difficulty we could of had considering we lived so far away. Our wedding literally would not have been possible if it wasn't for Amy from Celebrations by Amy Bacon. Besides marrying my best friend, choosing Amy to be our wedding planner was one of the best decisions we could have ever made.
~ Mrs. G.H., Married 6.18.16

Amy was tremendous to work with. We live on the opposite side of the US and wanted a wedding at the Grand canyon. She accepted the challenge and surpassed all expectations. Because we live so far away all communications were through email and phone correspondence. Amy took the time to gather all aspects of the dream wedding we wanted in minute detail and made that dream a reality. We had no idea what any part of the wedding was going to look like. The first time seeing the wedding location was the day of the wedding; the first cake tasting was done with my new bride by my side. Amy and her team covered everything down to smallest detail and it was all done from 3000 miles apart. Picking Celebrations by Amy was the absolute best decision we could have made to make our perfect day just that, perfect.
~ Mr. D.H., Married 6.18.16

Amy Bacon was an amazing part of our special day! She intercepted many situations that could have been a disasterous, and she ensured that we had nothing to worry about on our wedding day. She even brought little fans to keep us cool during pictures. I would highly recommend Celebrations by Amy Bacon to all of my friends!
~ Mrs. A.S., Married 5.14.16

It was good to have Amy there. We were able to enjoy our day instead of chasing people down for various things that needed to be done. The wedding day goes by so fast. It was extremely helpful to have Amy chasing down the groomsmen, bridesmaids and family for pictures and getting us lined up for the grand entrance. When the food arrived, the caterer wanted to pull me away from pictures and Amy just handled the situation. Big thanks to her and what she does!
~ Mr. S.S., Married 5.14.16

Amy Bacon and team (Liz and Demetria) were absolutely amazing. If your are in search of a fantastic wedding planner/coordinator, look no further! This is the best team in Phoenix. We planned our wedding out-of-state (Iowa) and did not arrive in Phoenix until two days before the event. Without the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team, we would not have been able to pull it off. Our wedding was absolutely perfect. My husband and I were able to relax on the big day. Liz and Demetria ensured that everything ran smoothly all day. I cannot thank them enough for helping us have the wedding day of our dreams. Really, do not even look around, this is the most professional, fun, supportive, and creative team you will find in the area. You will be in good hands.
~ Mrs. K.L., Married 4.16.16

My bride and I had a destination wedding in Phoenix that we planned almost entirely in Iowa. We had done a lot of the upfront work ourselves (finding caterers, arranging venues, etc.) and we were able to get about 90% of the way there all on our own. As it got closer to crunch-time however, we began to realize that even though we had arranged most of the items, we didn't have a great plan for how to ensure everything got executed on the day. With a split ceremony and reception, we had two venues and a few vendors to juggle, each of which required direction to properly execute our vision. This is where Celebrations by Amy entered the picture and simplified our lives greatly. For a nominal fee (relative to what other groups were charging), Amy Bacon's team took our vision and their expertise to create a seamless wedding experience for my bride and I. To list just a few things that the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team did for us: 1) Joined us on our first site visits along with our decorator to become acquainted with our vision. 2) Worked with our vendors and decorator to create a singular vision of how the day should go 3) Provided excellent day-of support both logistically and emotionally (A big thank you to Liz and Demetria) 4) Communicated extremely promptly and clearly about what was happening at each junction. On top of these things, the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team were kind, open, and very receptive to what we wanted as a couple. At no point did they try to upsell us on anything, but rather, they incorporated our ideas and their expertise to create what we wanted at an affordable price. As someone that never thought they would need a wedding planner or a day-of coordinator, I cannot relay enough how much easier the wedding day experience was after we hired on Amy's crew. My bride and I could truly relax knowing that everything was in such great hands. Please contact Amy and her team and ask what they can do for you!
~ Mr. B.L., Married 4.16.16

Amy was fabulous! She was easy to work with, knowledgeable and professional. Her attention to detail was amazing. I highly recommend her.
~ Mrs. L.N., Mother of the Bride 3.12.16

I cannot say enough about how Amy saved us! If she were running for president, she'd have my vote. Being the mother of the bride, I was under extreme pressure to pull off the perfect wedding, though working full time AND not residing in the city where the wedding was to take place. When my daughter suggested a wedding planner, I was interested but the FOB balked, saying it wasn't a big deal to plan a wedding. I am so glad I stood my ground. Amy gave us the "dream wedding" we didn't think was possible. She is the epitome of professionalism and perfection. She was our "Guardian Angel", always at our side in time of need, giving us comfort and removing any stress we may have developed. The various vendors she recommended were amazing as well, and she made sure there were no glitches or bumps along the way. If any issues arose, she handled them. If we had any questions or concerns, we were able to reach her at any time, making me wonder when she ever has time to sleep! I could write a book about Amazing Amy, though time and space restrict me (luckily for you). We were told by multiple guests that it was the most beautiful and enjoyable wedding they had ever attended. The ultimate accolades came from the Groom as well as Father of the Bride, the ones who thought it unnecessary to hire a planner. They apologized to Amy and told her they were so thankful for the huge undertaking and end result. It could not have been a more perfect wedding, even in a Fairy Tale!
~ Mrs. P.G., Mother of the Bride 2.27.16

Every Bride seems to remember "something" going wrong at their wedding, no matter how large or small the issue. I can honestly say that my wedding was absolutely perfect and I could not have done it without Amy and her fabulous team. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted a wedding planner and when I met Amy, we just clicked. After our initial conversation on the phone, I felt as if we had known each other for years. My fiance was not "on the bandwagon" about getting a planner, but this was an investment I decided was very important and that was the best decision ever. Amy was so helpful, attentive, generous, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process, that we were able to have the wedding of our dreams. She was very supportive and understanding of all of the many details that were important to me and always available if I ever needed to get in touch with her (sometimes at any hour). Every guest I talked to at the reception complemented me on what a great job her and her team did and that it was "the best wedding they have ever been to". Of course I am bias, but it truly was. The icing on the cake was when my "husband" went over to thank her and admit that he may have misjudged the value of a great wedding planner. I could not have asked for anything more and will always remember it as the best day of my life. Thank you Amy!
~ Mrs. K.S, Married 2.27.16

My Guru Amy was amazing, she really helped me get the perfect vendors for my special day, and she worked so hard in making sure everything was perfect! The attentiveness to details were amazing. Things I never even thought about! I loved working with her!
~ Mrs. J.H., Married 2.6.16

I cannot say enough about the entire Celebrations by Amy Bacon team. They make every person at the wedding (bride, groom, family, bridal party, guest, vendor...) feel like the day wouldn't be the same without them there and ensure that everyone is taken care of. There were quite a few moving parts to our wedding and my family were able to enjoy the day as guests instead of having to work. Gale and Christy took care of every detail before we even thought about what needed to be done. As we said our goodbyes at the end of the reception, I made sure Gale was one of my last hugs so I could tell her how much of blessing she was to us on such a memorable day. My husband and I agree that our wedding was a dream, and it was possible because of CBAB. I consider Amy and Gale not only friends but family, and I encourage every single bride and groom to invest in your happiness for not only your wedding day but every day following -- because let's face it, if something goes wrong at a wedding it's talked about for years to come; that won't happen if you hire these talented ladies. Celebrations by Amy Bacon will make your wedding truly YOUR DAY!
~ Mrs. P.K., Married 1.30.16

Amy was absolutely amazing and a dream to work with. We hired her to do the candy bar for our wedding and it was everything we had hoped for and more. Our guests are still talking about how awesome it was. Amy also went way above and beyond the call of duty on our wedding day. She attached boutonnieres, handed out mints, made sure I always had water (and/or champagne) ;), and fluffed my dress right before I walked down the aisle. Amy is wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her!
~ Mrs. A.K., Married 1.16.16

If you are in limbo about needing a planner for your wedding, I will start out by saying that I was the bride who thought I could plan our entire wedding on my own, while working 60+ hours a week and having a fiance who was gone fighting forest fires for 6 months out of the year. It only took me about 2 months to prove myself VERY wrong. My dad (the cheapest person on the face of the earth) was the one who suggested we hire a planner when he saw my stress level through the roof. Being on a tight budget, we met with a couple planners who were new to AZ or new to the business because their cost was so low. After a few of those meetings, I felt like I'd be better off doing it myself. Then a friend of mine suggested Celebrations by Amy Bacon. We set up a meeting with Amy and knew before the meeting was over that we had to do whatever we could to join the CBAB family! The venue we had originally chosen required us to bring all of our own vendors so the impressive, professional group of "friendors" that CBAB has built over the years were nothing short of amazing. During our planning process, almost everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The worst of which was our venue closing 8 weeks before our wedding date. Locking down another industrial style building for our date on such short notice was not an easy task. Gale kept our vision for our day in her mind when contacting new venues and found the perfect location. Not only did Gale put my emotions at ease through everything, but she was so proactive that her and the CBAB team created a wedding that was far beyond any expectations that we had. The day of our wedding was a dream come true and we owe it to Gale and the whole CBAB team. Whether you're thinking of hiring someone for the day of coordinating or to help through the entire process, you WILL NOT go wrong with Celebrations by Amy Bacon. We will never have enough amazing things to say about this group of women and will never stop recommending them!!
~ Mrs. M.B., Married 11.14.15

Amy was simply fantastic! We hired her about 4 months before our wedding date. When we first met she was well organized, friendly, and very interested in making sure that we got the results that we wanted. She had an extensive list of vendors that she had worked with before, but was very open to working with whomever we might chose. Throughout the next 4 months, Amy was amazing. She was readily available (unless she had proactively told us that she would not be), full of suggestions and recommendations, and just down right helpful. Weddings can be stressful, but she really did help take a lot of the stress out of it. When the day of our wedding arrived, Amy arrived very early and started kicking everything into gear. She had an wonderful attention to detail coupled with a easy-going, friendly manner. She knew when to be directive and when to be collaborative. In the end, we were 100% satisfied and would highly recommend Amy to anyone looking to have a great, easy event planning experience.
~Mr. C.T., Married 11.7.15

We couldn't have done it without Amy! This was my daughters wedding, and she had just moved to Arizona. Not knowing anyone or anything about wedding planning and venues in the area we knew we needed someone to guide us and that Amy did! She walked us through every step of the planning process and offered many options for vendors, Her contacts were great, all first class and very responsive! My daughter was very scattered at the end just before the wedding with out of town business trips conflicting with wedding detail deadlines, Amy took it all in stride and walked her through each step pressing when a decision had to be made and holding off if we could wait a bit. I am so thankful for her professionalism and attention to detail the wedding was beautiful, better than I even dreamed. We have gotten so many compliments on how well put together everything was. Hats off to Amy and her team!
~ Mrs. P.B., Mother of the Bride, 10.31.15

If you are planning your wedding, but don't know where to start, you NEED to hire Celebrations by Amy Bacon. She and her team are amazing! Amy helped me every step of the way, with everything I asked and everything I didn't even think of. She is kind, intelligent, and has a true passion for wedding planning. With her passion she makes your dream wedding come alive! I personally couldn't have asked for a better planner, the first day I met her I knew she was the one that I could trust with the most important day thus far in my life! I have only known Amy for a year, but from what I know she is perfect for anyone that wants to have a wedding that will be memorable not only for you and your new HUBBY, but your guests as well. We both didn't stop getting compliments all night about how perfect the wedding was! I love Amy, and I know that you will too!!!
~Mrs. L.B., Married 10.31.15

You spend your entire life wondering if you're going to have the perfect wedding. We no longer have to worry about that. From the very beginning Amy and her team were incredible. I knew when I received the detailed potential customer questionnaire she was my planning soulmate. We were completely won over when she noticed a picture I had planted on my pinterest of a wedding cake from one of her prior weddings. So many vendors ask for the information but never check it; when she brought it up in our first meeting I knew she actually LOOKED at it. Having someone to keep us on the right track, who could help us ask the right questions was invaluable. Without them, our wedding never would have been what it turned out to be. She helped us find the most amazing venue that was perfect for our personalities, needs and budget, something that seemed impossible at the time we signed our contract with all of the valley’s options. All of the vendors suggested were incredible and completely delivered the best on the wedding day. We cannot even begin to describe her work on our wedding day. She was able to handle all questions and we were not pestered by vendors or guests about anything on our wedding day. Our guests were amazed by everything, how every little detail was covered and how smooth everything went. Any issues, such as additional guests arriving, was taken care of quickly and unnoticeable. There was even a chance of rain and her team had everything covered. We are so independent that at first we didn’t think we needed a wedding planner, but we are so glad we joined the Celebrations by Amy Bacon family. Our wedding day was more than we could have ever dreamed possible and a day that was probably the most relaxing day of the year so far. Our guests will be talking about it for years to come and we will remember it forever.
~Mrs. A.A., Married 10.21.15

We started our engagement ambitious. We could do this. We're organized, we're energetic, we know what we're doing. What would a wedding planner even benefit us? We looked at 20 venues, high and low, near and far. We spoke with overpriced vendors, we spoke with under qualified vendors. We saw it all, these are our options for better or for worse, at least that's what we thought. About 4 months into our 18 month engagement we opted to start talking to wedding planners. I believe we spoke to Amy first, and we clicked so quickly that we were sure all wedding planners were this way and she wasn't so special. After meeting with two others it became immediately evident that Amy and her team were the cream of the crop. They opened the door to hand picked trusted vendors, trusted venues, and finally confidence in our decisions.
On the day of our wedding I was truly able to spend every possible minute drinking and having fun with my guests. If anyone had any questions I was able to answer with my new favorite sentence "Ask Amy". I started doing a shot for every time I was able to say it. I can't imagine what she went through to bring to life every one of our ideas with zero help from the bride or myself the day of, but I know now that we could not have done it without her. As confident and capable as we are, we would have been lost without the guidance and expertise that they brought to our day. You spend your entire life wondering if your wedding day is going to be perfect, and thanks to them it was.
~Mr. S.A., Married 10.21.15

Hiring Amy Bacon was the best decision I made for my wedding! Amy was with me every step of the way and went above and beyond to make sure that our wedding reality matched and exceeded our wedding dreams. She is extremely organized, professional, and personable. My husband and I truly feel like Amy cares about us beyond just being clients. Amy attended every meeting where she thought I could use her expertise, even if it wasn't specifically in the contract. She returned calls, emails and texts promptly and with complete information. Amy upheld extremely high standards with our vendors and fought for us if she thought something wasn't ideal. That certainly didn't occur often though, as we hired every one of our vendors through Amy's recommendation and we were thrilled with every single one of them. The day of the wedding, Amy kept things running smoothly and kept all pressure or questions off the bride and groom. She organized everything from getting gifts and personal items back to our suite, to helping the groom order a stunning floral bouquet to surprise me when I was getting ready. Amy and every member of her staff were delightful to work with and made our wedding day fun and easy. It was like being surrounded by friends all day, but friends that took care of your every need before you know you need them. I cannot say enough great things about Celebrations By Amy Bacon and Amy personally. My wedding exceeded my dreams and I will be eternally grateful to Amy and everyone on her staff and the vendors she recommended for making my wedding perfect.
~Mrs. A.H., Married 10.3.15

What can not be said about Amy and her amazing team! I am so thankful of the day my now wife came home and told me about her first phone conversation with Amy. I could hear the relief in her voice, we had been trying to plan our wedding from a different city, and after many hours of our own trying to find a venue/food we quickly realized how difficult and frustrating this was going to be on our own. Amy provided us with amazing recommendations for venue, catering, Dj, officiant, cake, photographer, men's formal wear, chocolate covered strawberries and additional planning items. She paired us perfectly with each and every one of them, they all were exactly what we were looking for. Amy and her team went above and beyond to make our special day a lasting memory. She prepared timelines that handled and coordinated every aspect of our rehearsal and wedding day, and was always 3 steps ahead of the game. I can not thank her and her team enough for everything they have done for us, and and happy to know that we have made new lifetime friends. If you are looking for someone who will listen to what you are looking for, extremely flexible with your budget, and has amazing connections and vendors at the tips of her fingers then Celebrations by Amy Bacon is right for you.
~Mr. M.G., Married 9.12.15

Amy Bacon is beyond amazing. I cannot recommend her enough. When I first contacted Celebrations by Amy Bacon, I was leaning toward hiring them for day-of coordination. From the first time Amy replied to one of my emails, I could tell that they were on a wholly different level of professionalism than other vendors and planners I had been contacting. We arranged a phone meeting (I don't live in the Phoenix area), and by the time I hung up the phone, I was 100% sold on having Amy herself help us with ALL of our planning! The first day I met Amy in person, it was to attend a catering tasting at the venue my (now) husband and I had already selected. Well, thank goodness for Amy, because that catering tasting appointment was a disaster and I left there knowing that we no longer had our venue picked out. Amy asked if I had a little extra time, and took me to another venue that I fell in love with instantly! What could have been a disappointing and frustrating day turned into something very exciting, because we loved this venue so much more. What's also incredible is how Amy was able to pinpoint exactly what we were looking for after just a couple conversations. The entire planning process was just as charmed as this first meeting. Amy paired us perfectly with our venue, photographer, cake bakery, DJ, officiant, my makeup artist, men's formal wear, videographer, and just about everyone that ended up being involved in our wedding. On the day of our wedding, Amy kept everything running smoothly, and if there were any problems, we sure don't know about them! Everything was beautiful and perfect and more amazing than we could have imagined. We didn't have to worry about anything - literally, not one thing, so we could just enjoy the day and have the time of our lives! Amy was such a joy to work with, and I will forever be grateful for everything she did for us. We are so lucky to have found her and will count her as a wonderful friend, always.
~Mrs. J.G., Married 9.12.15

Amy and her team did an excellent job at our wedding. We did the package that included 30 days prior and day of planning. The day of the wedding, everything went very smoothly thanks to Amy and her team. Amy's team paid attention to detail in the set up of the various spaces and were always on time and prepared, keeping us right on schedule. They also provided extra services, such as providing cold bottled water and fans while we were taking pictures and bathroom baskets with everything guests could need, which really show they go the extra mile. We would definitely recommend Amy and her team!
~Mrs. A.G., Married 5.16.15

Originally we were looking for a company that could just help us with decor ideas and some set-up for the day of. We had an all inclusive package with our venue that included a wedding coordinator, but they would not set up everything we needed such as place cards. Amy was the only one I found that would customize her services for exactly what we needed and at a reasonable price since we were having a 50 person wedding. Not only did Amy and our assigned contact Gale give us great ideas for decor but they went above and beyond on the day of the wedding. When we thought we would only have Gale there for the day, Amy and another staff member came to make sure we had enough help and so that one of them could be attending to us and anything we needed. Everyone at the wedding was commenting on how amazing they were and I am definitely recommending them to anyone.
~Mrs. K.B., Married 5.2.15

Amy Bacon and Patrice Klaum (with Celebrations by Amy Bacon) are absolutely amazing! They are organized, patient, caring, kind and above all, amazing wedding planners. I really believe hiring them was the reason my wife and I were able to relax and enjoy not only our wedding, but the whole planning process. They thoughtfully listened to all of our ideas and enthusiastically helped us implement them, creating our dream wedding!! They are impeccably organized and kept us on schedule. We never had to worry that something was overlooked because they were on it. We got to know Patrice so well during the planning and that made the day of our wedding even more special! We really trusted Celebrations by Amy Bacon and that allowed us to really be present and enjoy the day. The day of our wedding they kept us calm and handled unanticipated hiccups!!! Bottom line, Patrice and Amy are not only industry experts but also really great people! You would be lucky to have them!!
~Mrs. G.B., Married 4.4.15

As I am 44 and I just got married for the first time you can probably assume I didn't know much about wedding planning or even why a wedding planner would be important. Boy did I find out!! Whether your wedding is a modest ceremony or a big-budget blow-out the wedding planners main job is to sweat the small stuff so you and your future spouse don't have to. And WOW did Celebrations by Amy Bacon and Patrice Klaum do that for us!! We were so lucky to have their experience to guide us through! They helped us to iron out EVERY SINGLE detail before we walked down the aisle, from overall theme of the wedding to getting our marriage license. They truly made our big day happen just how we imagined it! They have contacts with ALL of the best vendors in Phoenix and great relationships with them all. In fact, they refer to them as their friendors! And they ALL became great friends through the process!! If the planning itself wasn't enough, they totally hid us from any and all hiccups that happened that day. To us it was a seamless and magical day and evening thanks to their extraordinary expertise of quick thinking and problem solving!!! Love Love love these ladies and this company! WE would highly recommend them to everyone! TRUST!!
~Mrs. R.B., Married 4.4.15

AMAZING From my very first conversation with Amy, I knew that I could put all my trust in her to deliver a perfect day. And she did not disappoint. I'm an out-of-state bride, and I knew that in order to achieve the wedding that my husband and I wanted, we were going to need help. The planning process should be a fun time, and I didn't want to feel so stressed with it all that I couldn't enjoy it. Amy is a true professional and led us towards the right vendors, gave meaningful feedback and input regarding every aspect (from contacts and quotes and keeping us mindful of our budget, to communicating with some unresponsive vendors). When I was stressing over my husband dragging his feet about getting his groomsmen gifts (I'm talking, we were 3 weeks out!) Amy gently guided him in the right direction and he got it done! The week of our wedding I had one last flower appointment to attend to approve the centerpieces, etc and since this appointment was last minute (due to us being out of town) unfortunately Amy was tied up with other appointments a couldn't attend with us. Which was completely understandable, and (in my mind) wasn't necessary that she be there - well, I was wrong! She cancelled a personal matter, and surprised us at he flower shop! And I'm so glad she did, because she was able to figure out some last minute tweaks with our florist that really made a big impact on our big day. She even got our friend/ officiant the Fiji water he specially requested! I can easily say that now I consider Amy more of a friend than only our wedding planner. She went above and beyond for us and really made our special day so much more than we could have imagined. Also - we were approached by every member of our wedding party and complimented on finding such an effective planner. She ensured that each of them were taken care of and were where they were supposed to be (photos, announcement, etc.) THANK YOU AMY BACON <3
~Mrs. S.C., Married 4.3.15

My wife knew right away that she wanted a wedding planner as we were planning our wedding in AZ from Washington, DC. When she found Amy Bacon, she was overjoyed to know that the planning and execution was in such good hands. Every part of the planning process was made easier for us by Amy being there, and keeping us on a schedule, while also looking out for our best interests. The wedding day, rehearsal, etc. was beautiful - exactly as my wife and i had discussed. We were so happy to have worked with her and her great team - we are happy to recommend Celebrations by Amy Bacon to anyone looking to plan a spectacular event.
~Mr. C.C., Married 4.3.15

I wasn't sure about having a wedding planner but, believe me, Amy earned every penny. She was so helpful all the way through the planning with all her recommendations. We felt more like friends than clients. The week of the wedding she pulled everything together and kept us all on target. She had a timeline for everyone. When the seating chart broke and when the bridesmaids dress came apart, Amy and her team handled it without a hiccup. And when the wedding tension was high, she handled the people without flinching. She even remembered that due to health reasons I couldn't have alcohol and had sparkling apple juice brought to me. We had so many people tell us that it was hands down the best wedding they had ever attended. She is a gem.
~Mrs. S.H., Mother of the Bride 3.21.15

At first, I'll admit, I didn't think it was necessary to get a wedding planner. I'd seen plenty of weddings, and thought to myself, sure it'll be stressful at times, but a wedding planner is a little excessive... And then I realized just how wrong my thinking was. As we went through the process of planning the wedding, up through the night of, I can honestly say that I can't imagine having gone through the process without Amy by my side throughout all of it. There are many special things about Celebration by Amy Bacon, that I could list off. But what stood out to me above everything else is the fact that Amy managed to embrace my rather "type A" personality, while giving me the needed support and guidance, all the while actually listening to my vision. Any time I felt overwhelmed, Amy was right there to direct me, calm me, and manage the situation. This ultimately resulted in a wedding that surpassed what I could have ever imagined actually becoming a reality (and yes I cried when I saw everything come together). However, as I discovered, no matter how well planned a wedding is, no wedding occurs without a hiccup. Yet, when something would come up, from items being broken or left at a wrong location by my friends and family, or even when one of my bridesmaid's ripped her dress down the back, Amy and her team seamlessly managed it before it could even possibly become a crisis. Every step of the way Amy was a blessing. She helped guide me to my vision and executed the wedding itself flawlessly. My wedding is a memory that I will cherish forever, because I married the man of my dreams. But, the fact that Amy helped make that memory mirror a dream in my mind, that I thought was unattainable, made that day one that I will forever hold near and relive frequently. I simply can't imagine my wedding without, my now dear friend, Amy Bacon.
~Mr. H.B., Married 3.21.15

The first thing my husband and I talked about after getting engaged was the need for a wedding planner. With our hectic work schedules it just seemed impossible to plan a wedding on our own. While researching dozens of planners, one name kept popping up. AMY BACON (or as I like to call her...The Baconator). With all of the awards and countless 5 star reviews I just had to talk to her. And after meeting with her I HAD to HIRE her!! Amy is the best thing that ever happened to us during our wedding planning adventures. In everything she does it shows that she loves her job and cares for her clients. Amy was absolutely outstanding during the entire process. She ALWAYS had a quick response time and knew all the answers... even when my groom forgot his wedding ring at home the day of the wedding. Thank you Amy for not only saving the day during my crisis, but for making the entire process FUN and as stress free as humanly possible. I'm happy to say we not only gained an outstanding event planner, but a great friend.
~Mrs. S.R, Married 3.15.15

My daughter deserves the best. She got it when she chose Amy to help her plan, coordinate and execute her wedding in March, 2015. Amy was there throughout the process to help my daughter's dreams come true. From my perspective as Father of the Bride, I can't encourage you enough to take advantage of her "day of" assistance. Having a pro there to handle everything allowed everyone to focus on enjoying this special event.
~Mr. R.B., Father of the Bride, 3.15.15

My daughter and fiancé wanted to get married on 12/13/14. Great news! One little problem, we had less than three months to plan the wedding! Yikes! That's where Amy Bacon came in. No problem for her and her team of experts. She put together an incredible event in our home in DC Ranch. I literally did not worry about a thing! I was able to relax and enjoy the day with family and friends. Thank you Amy for making our dreams come true!
~Mrs. J.B., Mother of the Bride, 12.13.14

Amy and her team are great! Gale (our planner) and Jenna helped to make our day perfect! Thank you for everything and we would highly recommend this professional team to anyone getting married!
~Mrs. N.R., Married 11.29.14

I don't think I can express in words how essential and perfect Gale with Celebrations by Amy Bacon was to our wedding. When we decided to plan a backyard wedding in Scottsdale AZ in under 8 months we knew we needed help, especially since we live in Tucson. After finding Celebrations online and contacting Amy, Gale and I setup a phone chat. I knew after talking to her that she would be perfect to help make our dreams a reality. She connected us with amazing vendors in the area and helped setup meetings in our limited time slots in Scottsdale. Through her we found absolutely awesome vendors and for that alone it's worth hiring a planner who has experience and knows who to go to for everything. As an engineer I am extremely detail orientated. Gale was a woman after my own heart with her organized lists, especially the day of timeline. Throughout the process of planning our wedding my fiancee and I called her my sanity. She kept track of everything so I didn't have to worry that I was missing something important. That was the most true on the day of the wedding. I didn't have to worry about anything. In fact the moment I saw Gale on the morning of my wedding all my worries disappeared because I knew she would be able to handle everything. She and her assistant took care of getting everything setup including DIY decorations and making sure all the vendors did as planned. They were always checking to make sure we were doing okay and would get us anything we might need. The ceremony and reception went off flawless as far as I could tell (and if it didn't I'm glad I don't know about it). After my new husband and I left Gale stayed to finish cleaning up and organizing everything. My parent's were floored and so appreciative since otherwise they would have had to do it (being at their home). Gale and Celebrations by Amy Bacon are the reason why I had my perfect amazing wedding day without any worries and I will forever be thankful that I was able to work with them.
~Mrs. C.A., Married 10.4.14

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering a wedding planner. Long story short? Hire Celebrations by Amy Bacon. Amy saved me time, money, stress, and was hands-down the best wedding-vendor decision my husband and I made. I truly can’t imagine planning a wedding without her.
We selected the wedding venue prior to hiring Amy and got a taste for how painstaking it can be to pick any wedding vendor. After Amy was hired, all of the other decisions were much quicker, easier, and less stressful. We were so happy with all of the vendors Amy recommended. Amy also has unbeatable expertise, she’s full of great advice and ideas.
I almost exclusively contacted Amy through e-mail because that was convenient for me and I was always shocked by how quickly she responded. I also feel that her price was completely reasonable and a far better value than anything else wedding-related. You can’t put a price on feeling calm and relaxed on your wedding day.
Amy’s day-of service was amazing. There were a million little details that Amy and her team took care of so that we (or our loved ones) didn’t have to. I didn’t have to remember the details or worry about whether the reception space was set up right. Amy made sure my husband and I had some alone time before the reception and had appetizers and drinks ready for us. During the whole wedding, we were constantly cared for and it never felt like an intrusion, but a welcome help. After the wedding, my dad (FOB) commented that he’s been to a lot of weddings and he’s never seen a wedding go more smoothly and he attributed to that completely to Amy Bacon.
Why choose Amy over any other planner? Amy is extremely passionate about her job and truly makes you feel personally cared for. It amazes me how someone who plans important events for a living can make you feel so special and genuinely get excited for your event. I truly feel like she would do everything in her power to make your day special and go smoothly.
~Mrs. A.C., married 6.14.14

Eileen Lambert helped out with my wedding and was great! We had about 200 people at our wedding and our venue had changed the event planner we were working with a few days before the wedding! Turns out the new lady handling the event had never done a wedding before and the wedding it was her first day on the job! Eileen was able to help her out with all the details, which was huge because she did not know what was going on or how things were supposed to be! I didn't even find out about all this until after the wedding and it was a good thing because I think I would have freaked out a little. Eileen was able to do some last minute running around for us and help us iron out details we had over looked. She made the day go so smoothly and I am SO glad she was there to help!! My whole wedding party loved the timeline she came up with and it helped everyone be on the same page. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!! Eileen was great!"
~Mr. R.M., Married 6.14.14

My sister , nothing but raved about this planner from day one. Often changing ideas and way she wanted to handle the wedding look, event and vibe of the day. I heard nothing but amazing feedback from my sister up till the wedding - then I saw for myself.
From the moment we woke up and got ready Amy's staff was there to run errands ( paradise bakery for the ladies getting ready), keeping us on time and scheduled, reminding us about items to remember and take and keeping everyone on ease. (there but out of the way- as we didn't notice them until we needed them ) . After we left to the wedding venue, the staff stayed behind,and left prepared a sweet surprise for the bride and groom. After arrival at the church we were greeted by the staff again. Beyond on their toes and ready for any needs. ( including a safety pin for my falling dress ) . At the wedding venue they became a full force staff. There was nothing needed by anyone . Each guest was made aware and comfortable. I was amazed how tentative and creative they became with each request.
I am thankful for each of Amy's staff. There was no way my sisters wedding would have been pulled off as it was ( with her many request ) . It was something to truly remember
~Mrs. S.P., Sister of the Bride 5.24.14

What can I say.... I was a lost bride. I didn't feel I had grip on what I wanted the wedding to look like, feel like and be. We even had such a hard time settling on a venue since we rented a private property home (this can set you up for logistical, physical and other stressors). Queue Patrice... she was my focus and support! She helped us dial in some INCREDIBLE vendors who supported the ultimate final vision. She absolutely cared and made the day run smoothly. I can't imagine what we would have run into or encountered if she hadn't been there. Biggest hiccup, we couldn't find the bow tie for our bullmastiff ring barer. I was in such a breezy mood I told the CBAB staff to steal an extra tie from the groomsmen and that worked out so well! Walter really looked handsome too :)
I can't say enough about CBAB, they make your dreams come true. I'd recommend, the investment as it is well worth it (coming from an extremely budget mindful bride). Over 16 months later, I still feel the same way and I recommend them to whoever I hear is getting married. The are stellar! Don't wait a heartbeat, CALL THEM NOW.
~Mrs. C.G., Married 5.3.14

Amy Bacon's incredible team helped with month of & day of coordination for our wedding. Not only did they take the time & thought to provide us an incredible service, they do so very willingly & accommodated for our specific requests. They connected me with some of the best names in the valley for photography & florals, and worked efficiently and effortlessly to provide a picture perfect day.
I really appreciate how Patrice & Eileen helped me fully realize my vision (especially since I was the most non-committal bride out there), but they did so with patience & complete understanding.
Thank you ladies for your support. Everything turned out beautifully & I appreciate everything you did, to make things run so smoothly.
~Mrs. C.G., Married 5.3.14

My husband and I are having a hard time trying to find words that will express how GREAT of an experience we had with the Celebrations by Amy Bacon (CBAB) team. The planning process was a long road for our big wedding on a tight budget, and we couldn't have made it possible without the continuous assistance of the CBAB team. The reason why we say the “team†is because we had wonderful day-of-assistants that helped decorate and clean up on the big day, the owner Amy Bacon reached out to us frequently to assist with quality vendor recommendations or simply to check in to check up on us, but more importantly our day-of-coordinator Patrice Klaum was available, responsive, professional, sweet, genuinely caring, and all around a great coordinator and person! She was our saving grace numerous times as my husband and I have very busy careers which makes it very hard to get a hold of certain vendors during the work week when they were available. Patrice had to deal with what seemed like inexperienced event coordinators at two different venues (one for ceremony and another for reception), poorly communicated conflicting events at these venues, difficult family members, as well as the crazy work schedules of the bride & groom (i.e. emails coming in at midnight b/c that was the only time we had to devote to the wedding). Even encountering all of that, Patrice had a smile on her face at all times, was ALWAYS willing to do more, and coordinated “The Best Wedding Ever†(which were the exact words from us and ALL of our guests at the end of the night and beyond). We cannot thank Patrice Klaum, and what we now call the rest of the CBAB FAMILY, enough for helping us coordinate our dream event. We definitely could not have done it without them. We recommend their services to EVERYONE, especially those that want a great event but have little time to dedicate to the planning and even more so to couples like us that needed to coordinate a BIG event on a small budget. Thank you CBAB!
~Mrs. B.S., Married 4.5.14

I have known Amy for several years now, I have seen the magic she and her team creates -- so it was a no brainer when I got engaged who I would be turning to first! Gale was my savior, she kept me sane and made sure that every single little last detail was executed perfectly. Just knowing I had her by my side on the big day was a huge relief. My family and I loved her from the moment we met her, I couldn't imagine reliving that day without her! Thank you Gale and the entire CBAB team!
~Mrs. C.R., Married 4.5.14

Celebrations by Amy Bacon is the best decision we ever made!! From the beginning Amy and her team have helped us in so many ways. When I hired my caterer I had reservations about them so we hired Amy Bacon to assist in the process. She stepped right in and stepped right up to the challenge! I never would have been able to plan everything without her recommendations and constant emails, texts and phone calls. You get more then just a day-of-coordinator - you get a life line and a friend. I can't explain HOW grateful I am for the over-the-top services we received. When my family photographer quit 10 days before the wedding Amy had me interviewing photographers that she hand picked for us that very same night and we had a contract signed the next day. Now I have amazing pictures because of her and her ability to pair couples up with the perfect vender for YOU. As with every wedding day things go wrong - which I never knew until the next day - as Amy and her team kept it cool and kept any drama away from the party. I can't recommend Celebrations By Amy Bacon enough! And in 10 years when we renew our vows I know who is the FIRST person I'll be hiring - Amy Bacon!
~Mrs. S.K., Married 4.5.14

Amy and her team did an amazing professional job for our daughter's wedding. When I saw the room for the dinner my breath was literally taken away.
She and her team worked so hard the entire event. I truly don't know how she does this time and time again. Could not give her less than excellent. She knows the vendors and worked miracles with them to give my daughter the wedding of her dreams.
~Mrs. M.V., Mother of the Bride 3.15.14

As the groom I didn't really know what to expect when it came to planning a large scale wedding. I had worked as a captain for a catering company while in college and thought helping my bride would be a cake walk. I couldn't have been more wrong. My wife and I were fortunate enough to learn early on in the process that we both couldn't handle the scale of this alone.
I knew from the minute we met with Amy and her team that she could get the job done. What I underestimated was the level of detail and passion she had for all the intricacies to make our day so special. Not only was she able to knock it out of the park but we actually became friends with the whole team along the way.
One of the most precious moments I was able to take from our wedding day was when my wife and I were able to peel away right after the ceremony with Amy, Gale, and Kate Ryan (who nailed Mary's vision for the flower design and was recommended by Amy) to take a sneak peek at our reception area. We were literally blown away and to see my wife so happy that she began to cry was something I will never forget. Then I looked over at Amy and the team and the passion had filled within them so much they had tears of joy running down their faces as well which reiterated to me how much love and care they all put into making it more than perfect.
Amy, her team, and the recommended vendors were all so on point through the entire process and even the day after our big day my father was praising how any need that arose was attended to immediately without hesitation by the team.
If there was ever a perfect wedding meticulously and gracefully executed it happened that day for us and it couldn't have been pulled off without Amy and the Celebrations team.
~Mr. H.E., Married 3.15.14

Perfection, greatness, professionalism, and mind-blowing are a few of the many words I have about Amy Bacon. Amy and her team are the best wedding planners in the world! I myself am obsessed with every detail, and was blown away at the final product, execution, and everything along the way. Amy and her team always made sure we were first priority, had everything we could have ever imagined, and felt like rock stars throughout. I worked with this stellar team for over a year and when it came down to it, Amy always knew what to do and how to handle every second. Not only do I consider Amy the best of the best in this industry, but also a close friend. If you want something as important as your wedding done right, you'll choose Amy Bacon. No matter what you're expectations are she will ensure you're vision is created and it's a perfect wedding (yes, those do exist and I had one!). Thank you so much Amy, Patrice, Gale, Jenna, and Eileen. You're the best :)
~Mrs. M.E., Married 3.15.14

Working with Eileen and Patrice made my wedding day so much easier and less stressful! They helped to make sure the day went without any hang ups and that I didn't have to deal with any issues.
~Mrs. B.O., Married 3.14.15

Words probably don't accurately express my gratitude for CBAB. Gale was very attentive through the whole process. I used 'Day Of' coordination. However, they are a part of the experience well before the wedding day. They created a flawless timeline & coordinated all vendors & every detail, major & minor. My groom was equally as appreciative of CBAB as I was. Hiring a wedding planner shouldn't be an option; it should be mandatory! I had no worries the day of our wedding!
~Mrs. C.B., Married 3.1.14

Amy and I instantly connected. She saw right away that I knew what I wanted and she was on top of making sure I got it. She helped me put reality to the dream I had for my wedding day. The day of, her and her amazing crew were so diligent and organized. I can honestly say NOT 1 THING went wrong on my wedding day..and if it did I sure didn't know about it. Perfection wouldn't have been possible without Amy and I know that I have found a forever friend with her and the rest of the Celebrations by Amy Bacon crew.
~Mrs. B.B., Married 2.28.14

My day couldn't have been any better if it was scripted in a movie. I am so blessed to have found Amy and her team. My wedding will always be the most perfect day.
~Mrs. B.C., Married 2.18.14

Finding Celebrations by Amy Bacon was the best investment that we ever made for this wedding. I've only lived in the area for 3 years so when we decided to have the wedding here I had no idea where to begin or even where to start looking. Amy and her team referred us to every vendor that we needed and they all were all great! They were open to all of my ideas, even if there were things they hadn't done before. Whenever there was a fall out (such as my venue closing down...) they were always there not only to fix it, but for support. The entire team, especially my planner Gale, is very calm and that was so helpful throughout this whole process. I appreciated that I was never told "no", or if I was there was an explanation as to why and a better solution.

Ultimately, I wanted a planner to be there on my day to make sure that not only me, but my entire family and wedding party could enjoy the night and not be bothered by anything. That is exactly what happened on my wedding day! Gale made a timeline that started from rehearsal to the end of the wedding night and it was down to the minute, including to ensure bride and grooms drinks are filled and lipstick is reapplied. Amazing! For the entire day there was only one minor issue that happened and the team got it taken care of before I even knew about it. Thanks to them it was an amazing day that myself, my husband, friends, and family will NEVER forget!!
~Mrs. C.T., Married 11.16.13

As the mother of the bride I knew from the day Ciara was engaged that we would want a planner. Ciara interviewed several different planners but was most impressed with Amy and her team. We were the unfortunate victims of the Inspirador down fall but Gale and Amy immediately stepped in, eased our frustration and we had a new and much better venue with in 2 weeks! Ciara had a unique and specific vision for her wedding, Gale understood and supported her in everything she threw her way. The day of the wedding went flawless!! It was unbelievable how we all got to enjoy the celebration of Ciara and Kyle's marriage and never had to worry about anything! My husband was most impressed when he was sweating and anxious just before the ceremony and all the sudden here's Amy behind him with a fan cooling him off! We will defiantly use Celebrations by Amy Bacon and team for future events. Love you guys!
~Mrs. P.L., Mother of the Bride 11.16.13

We hired Amy Bacon as our wedding planner a year and a half before our November 9, 2013 wedding. We had a lot of time to work with her and the entire experience was very enjoyable and stress-free.
Whenever we needed to choose a vendor for our wedding, Amy provided us with several that she knows are professional and reliable. This is such a huge help! Instead of having to weed through hundreds of people on Google, we were given 3 or 4 options to explore. All of the vendors that Amy recommended were fabulous - they were easy to work with, professional, knowledgeable, and creative.
Amy guided us through the planning process and kept us on track with what needed to be done, but never rushed our decisions. She was always available via email or phone whenever we needed anything. Amy often put in extra time and attended several of our vendor meetings.
An extremely positive thing about having Amy Bacon was her help and support when anything got off track. Luckily for us, we only had one hiccup that occurred and it confirmed Amy's concern for her clients, her professionalism and her problem solving skills. Having her as a mediator in our difficult situation allowed for easier negotiation through the problem.
The day of our wedding was amazing and absolutely perfect, much in part to Amy Bacon and her entire team. They set up all of my DIY decorations so I never even had to think about it or get family members to help. She had extra team members to make sure that all of the bridal party was taken care of all day. Her team was kind and respectful to all our guests and made sure everyone was enjoying the event. They were so prepared with a detailed time line for the day and made sure everything went according to schedule. The time line and the team's experience was a tremendous asset to making the day run smoothly.
I would highly recommend Celebrations by Amy Bacon to any future bride! They are fabulous!
~Mrs. A.R., Married 11.09.13

We hired Celebrations by Amy Bacon pretty late in the game when we decided that we were done feeling stressed about our wedding reception. This was the best decision we could have made! Patrice was our lead planner and her assistant was Eileen. Between Amy, Patrice and Eileen, we never had to worry that something wasn't going to get done. They took over the role of organizing all of the vendors and making sure that our questions were answered by the venue. We never expected to feel so stress free the weekend of our event! Patrice and Eileen took care of everything so that all we had to do was show up and have fun!
~Mrs. D.N., Married 11.09.13

How do you spell “amazing� A-M-Y B-A-C-O-N!
She is the most amazing wedding planner, and woman, I have ever met.
We just completed our daughter’s wedding in a Scottsdale hotel in November, and I can only say that Amy Bacon was the maestro behind it all…and the most wonderful person to work with that we could ever imagine! I cannot recommend Amy Bacon enough.
She is sweet, considerate, thoughtful, responsive, positive and highly professional. She knows her business well and takes it very seriously. Her goal is to make the bride and groom happy while executing a smooth wedding day for all involved, and she did that many times over for our daughter’s wedding. Amy always had their happiness in mind as she helped them make choices that met their needs, plus ours (the parents). She is a counselor and a negotiator, working carefully to ensure that the goals and visions of the wedding day are acceptable to both the parents and the bride and groom.
She never failed to return even one phone call in a very short amount of time. Her promptness was incredible. She takes each client’s relationship very seriously and makes sure you feel that you are her ONLY client, and the most important person in the world.
Amy always has a positive attitude, and approaches each challenge or problem with the expectation that “This can be done, or fixed – no problem!â€
We are indebted to her for making our daughter’s dreams came true on the most special and important day of her life. The entire wedding event could not have gone more smoothly, due in large part to Amy Bacon and her staff – their skills, their genuine caring personalities, and their ability to make everyone happy!
~Mrs. D.S., Mother of the Bride 11.09.13

Celebrations By Amy Bacon did an absolutely outstanding job of planning and executing my daughter’s wedding!! Although she is called a wedding planner, and we started planning with her almost two years prior, the most amazing aspect of her services is what she does the day of the wedding when it comes to executing the event. She and her team take care of everything that needs to be done on that most important day, freeing you up to relax, socialize and enjoy the moment. My wife and I had no worries the day of the wedding because we knew Amy Bacon was taking care of everything. We were free to be fully engulfed in a day of love, friendship and happiness. I consider Amy Bacon to be not only the best wedding planner in Phoenix, AZ, but just about the best wedding planner I can imagine anywhere. That’s how good, reliable, trust worthy, and capable Amy Bacon and her team are. Her attention to detail, and her energy and enthusiasm to make things perfect, are the signature quality that Amy Bacon brings to her craft. In addition, she also has that unique quality of getting to know and understand the bride, the groom, the parents and other family and friends, and she is capable of fulfilling everyone’s needs and desires to make the wedding the perfect occasion, and -- I have never seen anyone work so hard to make it so!
~Mr. B.S., Father of the Bride 11.09.13

Amy and her team were amazing to work with. I heard this before, and I was one of the brides that thought I didn't need a day of coordinator. It turned out to be the best wedding decision we made! Amy's team were by our side all day during the wedding, taking care of every little detail so we could relax and enjoy the day. I didn't have to move a hand or foot to do anything and the wedding turned out exactly as planned thanks to their help and organization of all the details. We had so many wedding compliments from our guests about how amazing the wedding turned out and guests even noticed the wedding coordinators helping out because they were there to help the guests too!! High recommend their services for your wedding, you won't be disappointed!!
~Mrs. M.C., Married 11.02.13

My (now) in-laws hired Celebrations by Amy Bacon around a 2 months prior to our wedding date. At the time, we had everything in place, or so we thought, but as the day grew closer both sets of parents were getting concerned that they weren't going to be able to enjoy the wedding. Who was going to receive our vendors day of? Who was going to set up the escort cards? Make sure the party was running smoothly? You get the idea. Anyway, hiring Amy and her team was hands down, best decision ever made. They were hired as "day of coordinators", although if the amount of work they did for us is considered "day of" then their bigger package must include the engagement too! Gale, who was our point person, jumped in immediately. My husband and I live in LA (our parents live in Phx) but it seemed like Gale was just down the street. A call never went unanswered and every email was answered in the same day (if not immediately). At first I was apprehensive to "use" them too much before the "day of" but Gale had me thinking that my wedding was her only focus. She is extremely organized, detail oriented, professional, and soooo nice! I haven't even touched on their "day of" services! I felt like a princess and not just because of my dress. Gale and her team were attentive but in no way intrusive. I didn't speak to one vendor, touch a single piece of decor, pack up any of my belongings I brought to the bridal room, or even hold my own lip gloss! The ceremony site & reception area looked exactly how I envisioned it and the whole event ran so seamlessly. If I keep going on (which I can!) you're going to think I've been paid. Oh wait! The candy bar!! We hired them for that too! Candy was delicious and all purple & blue the colors of our wedding! It was beautiful!
~Mrs. J.V., Married 10.20.13

After spending months on planning the day, booking vendors, finishing DIY projects the last thing you want is to miss out on the whole wedding weekend dealing with problems and running errands. Patrice and her team get 100% of the credit for giving us a completely stress free, fun filled and PERFECT wedding night. We had a lot of fantastic vendors but hiring Celebration by Amy Bacon was by far the best decision I made.What my husband said the next morning summarized it perfectly "I moved around all night but every time I needed something I would turn around and somehow Patrice was always there, and taking care of it right away..it was amazing.â€
Most venues provide an on-site coordinator but just a few things Patrice did for us that no venue coordinator will do for you:
Create detailed timelines for all; vendors, activities and guests (ours ended up 5 pages long!), tell you anything you forgot to plan/choose. Deal with vendor issues (and there will be many.) Be the primary contract for the vendor’s week of the wedding so that you can enjoy your time with family. Be on site the day of to make sure everything is set up properly so that you can just relax and get ready. Take care of any final details you forgot. Keep track of all your special requests. Bring the bridal party Starbucks while they're getting ready. Coordinate the whole wedding party. Tell you where you need to be at all points in time. Make sure timeline flows seamlessly. Make sure you have time to eat dinner. Be ready to help with anything that’s impossible to anticipate; start the music earlier, guests dress ripped, guest got sick and they helped with getting her into a cab, cut off anyone that drank too much, run out to pick up beer for the guests who weren’t ready to end the party.
If I was to do it again, I would start with hiring Patrice (from Celebrations by Amy Bacon) and then work on the budget with her to figure out what we can afford and what needs to be cut from there.
~Mrs. A.D., Married 8.10.13

Gale Jones from Celebrations by Amy Bacon was my day of coordinator. She was awesome. She did day of coordination and helped review my vendor contracts. It was so helpful to have her expertise, as I have never planned a wedding before, and will only do it once. Her suggestions, organization and attention to detail were amazing. My venue and pastor commented that she was the best wedding coordinator they had ever worked with. My wedding went off without a hitch. Well.... at least to my knowledge. Whatever little things came up Gale handled it all; I enjoyed the entire day without a single problem coming my way. She knew what I wanted and how to get it done. She also did a great job making sure that every person and vendor, that was a part of the wedding, knew the schedule of events and made sure they knew what was expected of them well in advance to avoid any miscommunication. I would highly recommend her to any bride who is finding wedding planning to be overwhelming and is worried about how the day of will go. I had a great wedding and a great experience with Gale.
~Mrs. P., Married 8.02.13

My event planner Patrice was amazing! She was so helpful with anything that I needed. I could ask her for anything and she would make it happen. I could not have asked for anything better!
~ Mrs. Camille, Married 4.27.13

Three weeks from my wedding day I began to realize that I couldn’t do everything myself. Between set up and breakdown, making seating charts and timelines, coordinating the wedding party, and dealing with vendors I was overwhelmed to say the least! On the brink of a major bridezilla meltdown, I searched for a coordinator and found Amy. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!
I refer to Amy as “my gift to me†and boy was she. On the day of my wedding she showed up and handled everything beautifully. No detail was left unattended. My ceremony and reception spaces were set up exactly as I had imagined. I couldn’t have done it better myself. Every time I turned to ask a question, Amy was there to answer it before the words left my mouth.
If I went to reach for my bouquet she was there to hand it to me. When I needed a drink of water she was there with a fresh glass. When my venue neglected to tell me that they needed the bridal suite cleared half way through my wedding, Amy was there to clear it. When my guests needed help Amy was there to answer their questions. When the caterer needed a place to put the leftovers and cake Amy took care of it. Set up and take down? Amy had it done in no time. I'm telling you ladies, you need Amy! I am giving her as a referral to every bride I know. She is that good. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. Thank you Amy for making my day so perfect! I couldn’t have done it without you!
~Mrs. Sarah DeMars, Married 5.24.13

I don't know how brides and grooms tackle a wedding without a planner. Even for the highly organized, there are a hundred things that pop up last minute that you simply can't anticipate. Plus, the wedding needs to be about having fun and connecting with family and friends - not managing vendors, "hosting" and ensuring a timeline flows smoothly. Celebrations by Amy Bacon made everything seamless. Communication was excellent, and I was able to fully focus on my husband and family. The planners anticipated our needs throughout the entire process. They made our event and questions (no matter how minor or detailed) a priority. I felt they cared about the wedding and were vested in its success. I would use them again in a heart beat.
~Mrs. Andrea Korycanek, Married 5.18.13

Amy has been absolutely amazing!!!! She has the best ideas and is always so helpful. She also knows all the best vendors and everyone she's recommended has been great. Plus you get a discount from the vendor since you are working with Amy. No one should get married without Amy's help.
~Mrs. J.H., Married 4.27.13

Amy of Celebrations by Amy Bacon is a first rate planner. She was very responsive and answered all my questions quickly. Amy accepted the challenge of helping plan my wedding in Sedona, a new city for her company. She was successful at finding some great vendors for me there, and I also found some of my own.
While Amy was great to work with during the planning process, I'd have to say she really shined on the "day of". Amy and her assistant Patrice were everywhere at every moment, ensuring everything was done and in place. My fiancé and I didn't have to worry about a thing. Even when the chair vendor was late to pick up the chairs from the ceremony in a public venue, Amy waited and kept everything safe and managed the cocktail hour via phone with Patrice without letting anything slip. Truly a professional!!
~Mrs. M.F., Married 4.14.13

The team at Celebrations by Amy Bacon is amazing. Words cannot express how calm our wedding day and the weeks leading up to it were. I had no reason to be stressed or anxious in any way. I knew Amy and her team had everything under control. Were there snafus on my big day? Maybe, but I never knew about them. Could I have planned a wedding on my own? Sure, but it would never have been anywhere near as beautiful or as close to my budget if I had and I would have not been the calm, relaxed bride that I was. Everything ran smoothly all day long and many of our guests commented to me and my husband on how impressed they were with the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team. Our day was incredibly beautiful and relaxed. The hard work put into the day by all involved was enhanced by this talented team. Hire them, you deserve it.
~Mrs. Amanda Guimond , Married 3.21.13

I suppose I should start by saying that Amy Bacon and her team of amazing, beautiful, fearless, and VERY passionate woman are not just the world best event coordinators; they are our family that we never knew we had! Or as I like to call them; the "Rosie Rivitor's" of event planning, coordinating, executing and most definitely exceeding any and all expectations! HANDS DOWN! I am beyond honored to have met the "Celebrations By Amy Bacon" family and will always refer to them as family! Thank you Amy, for being an amazing "sister wife" to my best friend and beautiful wife Kaycee Kisling. (Inside Joke, amongst Amy (The Best) Bacon & Family) Thank you for loving us and helping us have the most beautiful and real day of our lives! You and your team of awesomeness FREAKING ROCK!!!!
~Mr. Jeffrey Kisling, Married 2.23.13

I feel as though words cannot describe the gratitude that I have for Amy & her team and all that they did for my special day, but I will do my best! First, let me start by saying that I never thought I would be the bride with a wedding planner; however I met Amy when she did a friend’s wedding just weeks after I got engaged. My friend had such amazing things to say about her and my husband and I really clicked with her personality at the wedding, I figured it was worth looking into. I am soooooo glad that I did!
Through the planning process her advice and referrals were invaluable. When my life outside of the wedding world got a little crazy, she made sure I stayed on task but always remained supportive and didn't push too hard. And as the chaos of the weeks leading up to the wedding seemed oh so overwhelming she was a genuine friend and calming force. Amy Bacon is the only reason I did not completely lose my mind before my wonderful wedding!
I could go on and on about the many many many ways that Amy and her team went above and beyond what I would ever expect (like picking up the best man who's flight was late so he could be at our rehearsal dinner) but what resonates the most is the fact that on my wedding day every time somebody asked "Do you have ... (scissors, sand paper, sewing kit, ANY THING YOU COULD THINK OF)" the answer was "I bet Amy does" … and she did!! :)
What really warms my heart the most is to hear that not only did she make my life easier and my day more enjoyable; she did the same for everybody in and at my wedding. I cannot count the number of people from parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen, family and guests that have commented to me how amazing, professional, friendly, efficient, and just a pleasure to be around Amy and her team were.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart doesn't even begin to say enough!
~Mrs. Kaycee Kisling, Married 2.23.13

Amy Bacon and her team more than exceeded my expectations for planning my wedding. I hired Amy and her team to help ease the stress of planning a wedding, and for the piece of mind that everything would go smoothly on our big day. Amy, Patrice, Gale, and the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team made our day SO special. Not only did Amy keep me sane in the months leading up to the wedding, but Amy and her team recommend awesome vendors, made sure everything was super organized, and helped me put together my ideas, just to name a few things. I could not have done it without Amy. Amy goes WAY beyond being just your average wedding planner to ensure that everyone is happy and relaxed the day of, to provide moral support, and to be a friend. I would highly recommend Amy Bacon to anyone planning a wedding! She is all sorts of awesomeness!!!
~Mrs. Tiffany Erhard, Married 2.8.13

I could not have imagined planning my wedding without Amy. I hired her for her month of services which includes day of coordinating which is why I wanted to hire Amy; she ensures that all goes perfect on your "big day" along with many other things. I did not have to worry about anything on my wedding day. For example, our DJ had a tire blow out on his way to the venue, he called Amy, she called discount tire and spoke with GM to ensure that the DJ was taken care of immediately so he could make it to wedding. The ceremony was only delayed a little bit, which allowed us more time for pictures and everything worked out just fine and I didn't have to do anything. She also opened the bar early to keep my guests happy :) Amy and her Patrice were awesome,they always there when I needed them and they ensured all went as planned. My family loved them as well as they were able to enjoy the wedding and not worry about things either. I would recommend that everyone have someone like Amy for their wedding, she really is awesome and knows EVERYTHING!!!
I would also like to add that she worked very hard to ensure the venue looked perfect. Amy did some cleaning that was not done prior to the wedding. She definitely went above and beyond!
~Mrs. Sam Burkham, Married 11.02.12

I had been following Amy through a friend who's friend was getting married and using her services. I knew when she was at an open house I had to take my daughter Samantha (Bride to be) to meet Amy along with some other vendors. Amy was everything I had thought she would be. We immediately hired her for her Event Planning expertise. Without Amy I don't know what any of us would have done. She is very professional and personable. Amy & her team took care of things we wouldn't even begin to think about. I will absolutely hire Amy again if ever needed for her Event Planning Services and/or her Candy Buffets and Favors.
~Brenda, Mother of the Bride 11.02.12

We did not originally plan to have a day-of-planner, but after a few changes to our venue we decided it was a must. Amy, Gale, and their team did a great job on our wedding!! They made our day run incredibly smooth, and we were very happy with our decision to work with them for the day of our wedding! Being an out-of-town bride, they put me at ease, and worked really well with our venue coordinator to ensure we got the wedding we had hoped for.
~Mrs. Michelle Meyer, Married 9.29.12

I could not have done this without Amy. She thought of many things that I would have never planned for. She is very detail oriented, prompt in her responses and was always calm and reassuring.
~Mrs. Tresha Aschenbrener, Married 9.29.12

I am so happy we got to work with Amy and her team. I am very laid back and she gave me direction and helped me define what was important to us for our special day. It was a sunny hot Arizona day and Amy and her team (Patrice and Gale) had these wonderful fans, so we didn't get hot in between takings pictures. They were attentive to everyones needs. I forgot my garter and one of the girls immediately went and bought me a new one. I highly recommend Celebrations by Amy Bacon. She helped make my special day even more amazing!
~Mrs. Nicole Haris, Married 6.10.12

Wow! Amy and her team went above and beyond in every way to make my sisters wedding as stress free as possible. I could not imagine the day without her and her amazing team. Amy and two team members were so attentive and did not miss any detail. My daughter, who was the flower girl, was getting a little fussy right before she was about to go on, Amy immediately had one of her team members there to play with my daughter, talking to her about what she was going to do when walking down the isle, this took the stress of my part in the ceremony and as a Dad really made me feel so special to know my daughter was in great hands.
The flow of the event as a whole went perfect, as the Brides Brother I checked in with her to make sure she had something to drink, tried the appetizers, etc but every time I would ask Amy and her team were 5 steps ahead of me! They had appetizers ready for them in the bridal room, made sure they had something to drink, I even heard them asking some of the vendors like the DJ and Photobooth attendants so that they didn't have to leave there posts.
At my own wedding we did not get a chance to eat because we got busy and forgot. Amy brought my sister and her husband there meal, drinks, and checked in on the guests with perfect attention to detail.
To have a stress free day on the most important day of your life which will allow you to actually enjoy your day vs. having to worry about was this or that done.
If you are planning a special wedding or event hands down hire Amy Bacon and her amazing team!
~Mr. Mike Fazio, Brother of the Bride 6.10.12

She did an amazing job with the display and making sure we had the same vision of what it would look like in the end. She is creative with her display and candy options. My guests loved it and it and so did we! Amy was always available and quick to respond to any questions we had from the first meeting to the day of the wedding. I would recommend her to anyone, the candy buffets are a beautiful and fun touch, and if you need a go to girl for planning or someone to help your day be worry free you wont go wrong with Amy!
~Mrs. Kassi Sielski, Married 5.18.12

Amy Bacon, you are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you thank you so much for all your help at Kassi's wedding! We would probably still be bustling the dress. You went above and beyond your job and we are so thankful! The candy display was gorgeous!!!! I loved the added touches of color and peacock feathers. You are truly great at what you do! You rock!
~ Mrs. Calli Wieters, Sister of the Bride 5.18.12

I would rate a 6.o on Value if I could. Amy is a clear future star in this field. She is totally committed to her clients and the other vendors involved in the wedding took the time to pull me aside and say that she was the single best coordinator that they have ever worked with. High praise indeed. She can meet the client’s needs and also make the vendors that she coordinates feel special too. It created an environment of all family at the wedding, not family and vendors. Her candy bar was elegant and tasty and was well liked by the guests. I have several Daughters and it seems that we have our coordinator all set.
~ Dr. Ron Gagliano, Father of the Bride 5.12.12

Think of Celebrations by Amy Bacon as wedding insurance.
No matter what goes wrong, she will correct the problem. In fact, she and her team are so efficient that you probably will never know that the problem happened until after the event is done and you are thrilled with her work. If you are willing to spend so much money on a wedding, how can you NOT have insurance?!
We hired Celebrations by Amy Bacon for our wedding on May 12th, 2012. We hired Amy Bacon for her day-of services as well as for her beautiful candy bar, and ended up getting SO much more than we paid for. She always emails back within 24 hours and is both sweet and professional. One of her personality traits that I most appreciated is her ability to immediately assess the needs and wants of the bride (and bridal party) and respond to them. She always made sure my voice was heard, and she'll never know how much that meant to me. She was an intermediary in conflict when needed, she was a jack of all trades that preformed every necessary role you can imagine. She has an easy-going demeanor and an ability to calm tensions and solve problems.
On top of bringing THREE assistants to help out in our wedding, her touches throughout the wedding were felt. When I forgot my something borrowed and something blue, she was prepared to lend me a blue anklet. She came prepared to the wedding with a "wedding emergency kit" that my bridal party and I used many times throughout the day. She brought "bride" and "groom" signs for our sweetheart table. She surprised my husband and I with an amazingly decorated bridal sweet for the wedding night. I could go on and on.
Don't look any further. Hire Celebrations by Amy Bacon and you will be thrilled beyond any expectations you may have had!
~ Mrs. Erin Zink, Married 5.12.12

I am the third person to be writing a review concerning Amy on the same wedding! My daughter (the bride) and husband have already weighed in, but I wanted to write as well.
Neither my daughter nor I lives in the Phoenix area currently, and we became overwhelmed at the thought of handling all the wedding details ourselves. We loved the idea of a "Day Of" coordinator and started researching options.
My daughter and I spoke to Amy on a joint telephone call. We started the phone call thinking that we were just gathering options, and ended the phone call absolutely knowing that we wanted Amy to handle my daughter's wedding day. Why? Well, Amy was personable and professional, and she rapidly started asking such intelligent and insightful questions that it became obvious how gifted she was at her job. By the end of our conversation, we didn't even have to discuss our mutual decision to hire her on the spot; our only concern at that point was whether Amy would be able to work us into her deservedly busy schedule!
As the mother of the bride, I worked quite a bit with Amy due to my daughter's various time commitments as a student. Amy became our partner in planning and executing the wedding. She was a tireless advocate for us in countless ways: recommending vendors, offering suggestions, and calming anxieties. When we ran into a sticky etiquette situation, Amy not only clarified what the appropriate etiquette was in such a case, but she offered to call up the involved parties and diplomatically solve the problem.
Although Amy has a full schedule, she has the gift of making her clients feel special and important. She genuinely loves weddings and is excited about helping to plan and execute them. Her enthusiasm was much appreciated, as I'm sure vendors in this industry become a little jaded about wedding and brides. We ran into at least one vendor like that, and it put a bit of a damper on our excitement to have her act almost bored at our plans. It might have been that vendor's five hundredth wedding, but it was my daughter's first . . . and Amy always remembered that and acted accordingly.
Amy was truly invaluable in producing a detailed and thoughtful wedding day timeline for the entire wedding party as well as the vendors. The timeline alone was a work of art, and no doubt represented many hours of work. It coordinated all the countless details of a wedding into a logical and useful format - and provided, for example, contact information so that the vendors, the family members, and the wedding party could all reach one another if needed.
I loved the way that Amy interacted with our vendors. She was always polite and professional, and genuinely wanted to make them comfortable. For instance, she contacted our vendors ahead of time to firm up logistical details and timing. That is to be expected. But Amy went the extra mile and inquired about any allergies or food intolerances that our vendors might have, so that we could be sure they were fed appropriately on the wedding day. It is that kind of thoughtfulness and attention to detail that makes Amy an absolute genius at what she does. It is no accident that two different vendors took us aside at the end of the day and told us that Amy was probably the single best wedding consultant they had ever had the pleasure to work with!
Amy conducted a thorough and professional rehearsal the day before the wedding that resulted in a more relaxed and polished wedding ceremony. By the end of the rehearsal, everybody knew exactly what they would be doing during the ceremony. This is an important service, and one that is often being skipped by today's officiants. I've been in two weddings in the past 18 months, and am absolutely convinced that both of them went so much more smoothly because of a good rehearsal the day 25before!
Amy and her team seemed to be everywhere on the day of the wedding, taking care of the numerous details that the rest of us were too busy to do. (Thank you, Angel and Patrice!!) They were the ones: who ran to Starbucks for the wedding party; who offered to get medicine for a sick flower girl; who bought heel inserts so that a bridesmaid's new shoes would fit; who ran to Men's Wearhouse to pick up shoes that had been left out of an order; who arranged the escort cards at the reception site; who placed the wedding programs on each guest's seat; who pinned on the corsages and boutonnieres; who provided ice water to our vendors on a hot day; who offered us breath mints; who made sure the bride and groom had something to eat; who prevented my daughter's wedding cake from getting accidentally contaminated with an allergen. In fact, I am positive that I don't even know everything they did on our daughter's wedding day, but I know that they worked tirelessly to make sure things went as smoothly as humanly possible.
In summary, Amy is a talented, experienced, hard-working wedding consultant who is excellent at what she does. She is also a kind and generous human being who will genuinely care about you, your family, and your wedding. We consider ourselves very blessed to have found her, and wish her the enormous professional success that she so richly deserves.
~ Mrs. Lynn Gagliano, Mother of the Bride 5.12.12

Amy did an amazing job. Not only were the decorations beautiful but she was extremely professional and nice. Her candy bar was the hit of the graduation. I would recommend her services to everyone.
~ Owner of WCUI, Graduation 5.12.12

Amy and her team are the best! We were able to relax and enjoy the day with our family and friends. I don't know how anyone can do it without a wedding planner, and Amy goes above and beyond to make the day special. My daughter says Amy is unflappable and she handles everything with a smile! She is super organized and ready for anything. My guests loved her too.
~Dr. Pamela Howell, Married 5.5.12

Amy goes above and beyond to make it a special event.
~Dr. Mario Howell, Married 5.5.12

WOW!!!! Where do I even begin! I feel a little overwhelmed doing this review because Amy was THE MOST professional, amazing, humble, inspirational, helpful, enthusiastic, mindful, motivational, detail-orientated person I have ever known, and I was blessed enough to have her as my planner/day-of-coordinator! Our journey began through Facebook and what a fantastic beginning it had!! My fiancé (at the time) and I had the wonderful opportunity to be in a contest to have a free candy buffet at our wedding. It was a tough contest but we were the lucky winners and little did I know what a monumental occurrence was about to take place. When Amy & I met, she wanted to get an idea of what I was envisioning for the candy buffet. We met and I absolutely loved her! Though still I felt that I had everything under control for the planning. A couple of months later, I was lying in bed trying to unwind from a crazy day and Amy just posted her "Who List" (on Facebook), it simply went over details of any wedding and "who" would help coordinate to make sure everything was properly executed. After each question I got a little more freaked out because I had no idea how or who would properly execute and oversee that each detail was properly handled. By the end of the list, my heart was racing and woke up my fiancé to tell him we are hiring Amy Bacon to help with our wedding. He was so confused and just mumbled "alright". The following day, I called Amy and asked her to help and she was more than excited to take on our wedding.
I had a few hiccups prior to the wedding and each time I would call Amy frantically, although, I really tried to have my big-girl pants on, I soon found myself crying and trying to calm down. Amy ALWAYS returned my calls and was so calm and reassured me that everything would be great and you know what it was more than great, it was absolutely amazing! I needed a last minute seamstress; Amy found one for me within hours! I needed a fill-in flower girl; Amy found one with-in an hour. I needed misc stuff done for the candy buffet, Amy had options upon options. Never did Amy say she couldn't do anything, she always called me to cheer me up and to help with ANY situation. She embraced challenges and looked at no job ever being too difficult or impossible to do. Amy sent out an extensive and detail-orientated timeline for the bridal party and vendors to follow, so that everyone was on the same page. Over and over again, my bridal party said "man that Amy chic knows what she is doing". I just said "absolutely" with the biggest smile on my face.
The day of our wedding, Amy was at the site by 7am (ish) setting up for the outside ceremony, and I do need to include the weather forecast for that day was 102 degrees....YUCK!!! Amy was setting up and did such a wonderful job with the ceremony and reception. One of her team members, Gail, came to my house and did a Starbucks run @ 7:30am for myself and bridesmaids and it was MUCH needed!!! When I arrived to the ceremony/reception site, Amy greeted me with a smile. She made sure my husband-to-be was nowhere in sight and she quickly guided me to where I needed to go. The ceremony was blissful, magical, and beyond amazing! Everything was so emotional as I felt all the love and happiness that was all around me.
The time between the ceremony and reception was limited and on a tight time frame, but again, Amy & her team came to the rescue to make sure all the family shots were taken and the communication between the photographers was concise and professional so that nothing was missed. Amy purchased hand-held spray misters the day before to help with the hot weather & boy did they help! If at anytime I needed a dab of gloss, Amy or her team was already holding it out, never did I have to ask for anything! My glass was always full and I felt as if I was glowing inside and out.
Amy did a wonderful job of making and executing decisions when needed. Our place card holders had candy in them, and Amy decided not to have them out in the heat. She neatly placed them at each table and then wrote down each person's name with the coordinating table they were to sit at. At cocktail hour she went around and simply asked each person's name and stated what table they would be sitting at. Everyone raved about Amy and her team and how wonderful and helpful they were!
I absolutely loved EVERYTHING at our wedding and I give Amy 100% of that credit because if it hadn't been for her, I would've lost my mind! Even with an on-site coordinator, Amy held the fort down and executed necessary decisions that would've just had the on-site coordinator's head spinning.
Seriously, if you are reading this and are still contemplating on whether or not to hire Amy, DO IT!!! She is worth every single cent & you will thank yourself and your sanity on your big day!!!! I feel that I have gained a life-long friend and owe my magical day to her and her team! I love you Amy & thank you for all your hard work to make my day so incredibly wonderful and memorable!!
~ Mrs. Lorin Clinkenbeard, Married 4.22.12

If I could give Amy more than 5 stars I would. As the bride, I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner since I wanted to keep a tight budget. I talked to many planners at the beginning and was going to give up on the idea when I met Amy!
She was so easy to work with and helped me through the entire process of my wedding.
The week of the wedding, I was not stressed AT ALL! I had such a great time with my friends and family the days before our wedding. I didn't have to worry about a thing. My friends even joked that I was way too calm for a bride-to-be! I knew I was in good hands with Amy and that she had everything under control.
Finally, the wedding day arrives. We ended up having to move the reception inside that day due to the weather. From start to finish the whole wedding was flawless. Amy and her crew worked incredibly hard to move the entire set-up and it couldn't have looked and felt more beautiful!
Also, someone stepped on the train of my dress and it had a huge mark and rip. Amy's crew came to the rescue, treated the stain, and sewed the rip in no time!
All night, I was able to focus on the awesome food, drinks, and spending time with friends, family, and my new husband!
I could go on and on with the little and big things that Amy did for us! If I could go back, I wouldn't change a thing! I truly believe Amy and her crew made our special day better than I could have ever imagined!
~Mrs. Allison Swafford, Married 4.14.12

I put 5 stars because anything less would be uncivilized. Weather was an issue for our wedding and we had to move everything inside the day of. Amy and her crew took care of everything and worked their butts off to make sure we had the best time and the best wedding. The wedding turned out better being inside. It was awesome. My family and friends kept coming up to me during the wedding and telling me how good of a job her and her crew were doing.
I was also impressed with how she handled and shielded my wife and I away from any drama. She made sure that we had the absolute best time and we did. I don't even think we had to lift a finger to do anything. If i needed a refill, it was there. If i needed anything it was there in my hands. Very personable and very professional.
~ Mr. Thomas Swafford, Married 4.14.12

We hired Amy as a "month of" wedding planner and boy am I glad we did! With my busy schedule I was able to meet with Amy only once before the wedding, however, I feel like that made no difference at all. Amy and her assistants we way above and beyond what I expected in a wedding planning service. They were were prepared for ANYTHING at anytime. The service was unbelievable and I definitely was spoiled after my wedding day. From the very beginning I provided all of my bridesmaids Amy's contact information for any questions so I was lessened with the overwhelming number of texts/calls I was receiving. Any question I asked Amy regarding the ceremony, reception, vendors, etc, she was able to provide an answer that same day and would reach out to the vendors immediately. On the day of Amy arrived with food trays and water for myself and my bridesmaids, which was very much appreciated. She kept in constant touch with me to ensure I had everything I needed and that everything was okay. When one of the flower girls had an allergic reaction to the dress, Amy and her assistants were right there with their "emergency kit" applying Benadryl to the little girl and fashioning a barrier in the dress from tape and other supplies. I didn't have to worry about one single thing on my wedding day because of Amy and her team. She is a god-send and I would recommend her to any bride or person planning any type of event. She knows what she's doing and how to handle any situation, good or bad.
~ Mrs. Leigh Conn, Married 3.24.12

I'm writing this review as Mother of the Bride. My daughter has already posted her own review about how thrilled she was to have Amy there taking care of everything. We originally hired Amy as our 'month of" coordinator but looking back, I wish I had just hired her from the very beginning to plan the wedding. Amy is a professional. She loves what she does and she is very good at it. You really don't fully appreciate everything a planner/coordinator does until after the event. Celebrations by Amy Bacon is worth hiring as your wedding planner because you're pretty much assured that your wedding will be organized and planned with the utmost care. From the moment I spoke to Amy, I knew right away that she deeply cared about making my daughter's wedding special. On the day of the wedding, everyone kept complimenting me on how wonderful, beautiful and special my daughter's wedding was. Well, it was all thanks to Amy. It was largely because of her that my daughter's wedding turned out so well.
Amy was always available to answer questions no matter how silly they seemed, she was flexible with her time and met with me when it was convenient for me even though she wasn't feeling well that day, she always had a back-up plan for any contingency and her organizational skills are stellar. Amy can juggle multiple "to-do's" very well. She created a timeline so my daughter's very large wedding party knew what was going on, she coordinated all the vendor deliveries and pickups, she completely handled everything at the ceremony and reception venue so neither my daughter nor I had to lift a finger to do anything.
So if you're a parent or a bride and you're unsure about hiring a planner, I urge you to make room in your budget and hire Celebrations by Amy Bacon. She and her staff are clearly the most important vendor you can have at your wedding because Amy will bring it all together in a way that makes you - whether you're the bride or the mother of the bride - look good.
~ Mrs. Minnie Napier, Mother of the Bride 3.24.12

Celebrations by Amy Bacon provided the candy buffet at our recent wedding. She was able to tailor the buffet to fit our wants and needs, including the number of people we wanted to serve and the colors included. She was also able to provide us with Rice Krispie treats to go along with the candy buffet - they were perfect!! The table looked amazing as well, with decorative tags and pretty crystal candy dishes. I think Amy does a wonderful job with her candy buffets, and would recommend her to anyone looking for easy wedding favors!!
~ Mrs. Joanne Schofield , Married 3.18.12

Oh where to begin... We originally met with Amy Bacon to do a Candy Buffett. Low and behold my fiancé and I fell in love with her wedding planning services! When we met Amy she was very humble and super sweet! We wanted to sign a contract right there but she stated that she likes for her potential clients to think about everything and give it a day or so and then decide. This was because we met her at a wedding expo where everything you see you want to buy. We were not even out of the parking lot and I looked at my fiancé and I said "I really like Amy!!! What do you think???" He stated "Whatever makes our wedding day your dream go for it!" (Okay so maybe he didn't say it like that but something like that) So that night we called Amy and made arrangements to have her as our "Day of Planner". BEST decision I made! Just 2 months before my wedding day I lost my dream venue! I thought that my dream day was ruined and I did not know where to start with finding a new one in the middle of March with the same price tag! I called Amy's cell phone hysterically crying begging her to help me. She stated "Calm down, no stress, give me 3 days and I will find you something!" and she did!!! Not only did Amy find "something" she found a venue that blew my previous venue out of the water! Amy did all this and none of it was even in our contract it was all done out of pure kindness! I continued to call or text Amy for the next few months just to vent or ask her opinion and every time she made me feel like I was her only Bride that she was working with. She returned every text, phone call or Facebook message promptly. Everything was falling into place until I lost my bartender a week before our wedding. Again, I called Amy and asked her if she knew anyone. Yet again, Amy stated "Angel, give me a few days and I promise we will figure this out!" Amy had us a new bartender within 24 hours!

Fast forward to the day of the wedding....
I thought the day of my wedding was going to be spent in sweatpants decorating my venue sweating and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. BUT... I hired Amy Bacon!!! I woke up on March 17th 2012 in my hotel room and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with one of my Bridesmaids! Followed by 5 fun hours of laughter and getting ready with my Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids, and my mom!!! None of us had to lift a finger! As I was sitting in my room getting my make-up and hair done I had a knock on the door!!! One of Amy's wonderful assistance came by to see if we needed any food or Starbucks! She stated if we needed ANYTHING to let her know! What a great feeling! I felt like a Celebrity!
As we all arrived to the venue I wanted to just cry! Not because I was about to marry my best friend and see all of my friends and family but because Amy made all of my wedding dreams come true!!! Amy made sure my groom was nowhere in site as we took a few pictures and she made sure I was as happy as I could be! If I said "Do you have any mints?" Before I could finish the sentence she pulled out TWO different flavors! My guests and family raved over how professional and amazing Amy is! She is still a top topic of conversation when I ask "What was your favorite part about my wedding???". Nothing about my wedding as "traditional" and Amy understood just how I wanted everything to flow and never said "Well one time I had a bride..." She listened to what I had to say and made it happen! I found out the day after my wedding Amy had another wedding within 12 hours after mine! I never even knew this! Amy ALWAYS made me feel as if MY WEDDING WAS HER ONLY WEDDING. Amy will always be a close friend of mine from here on out!
Thank you Amy Bacon! You are one of the most inspiration women I have ever met!
~Mrs. Angelica Dietsch, Married 3.17.12

When I first met Amy Bacon I wasn’t looking to hire a wedding planner, in fact I had no clue what one did. However, she helped me to feel at ease looking at my first dress and introducing me to someone who could help my Maid of Honor and I try it on, that I honestly thought Amy worked for the dress shop that was at the Bridal Show we were attending. Even before I hired her she had given me so many ideas and ways to create my perfect day. I was so excited to learn more after buying the dress that looked so perfect on me, I ran home and couldn’t stop talking about Amy Bacon and how we needed to have her help us plan our wedding. My fiancé (now husband, YAY!) said he would meet her and learn more…. Amy was not only wonderful at giving us ideas and helping us create a vision of our perfect day, but was super patient with our son… he even calls her the Amy “the candy lady†now.
Our plan was to be married in 2013, unfortunately we needed to change the date to be married within just a few months due to family situations. Amy told us to calm down and relax, while she called not only all the vendors we had already met with, but also had our next steps already in process and how to make it happen. Amy Bacon took so much time to create, plan and truly understand our needs. Even when disaster strikes and timelines change or the world spun out of control we always knew we could contact Amy and she would fix it. I cannot honestly tell you how many times I personally called Amy crying because I thought disaster had struck again. All she had to say was “breathe†and I felt better, knowing that she was on my side made all the difference. Little did we know when we hired Amy Bacon as a wedding planner we were hiring a Super Hero.
Thanks to Amy Bacon (Celebrations by Amy Bacon), our wedding day was more than just beautiful. It was the fairytale ending and beginning of every little girls dream…. And then some.
~ Mrs. Stephanie Kannarr, Married 2.24.12

One of my best friends recently flew to Arizona for her baby shower and as I was finalizing all of the plans with her mother, I felt as though I needed to add one more thing to really enhance the celebration. That's when Amy Bacon came to mind! I had seen several photos of her candy buffets and she was also in the process of working with one of my brides so I just knew her creation would be the perfect addition. Amy was quick to respond to my inquires, showed up the day of the event on time and created a beautiful candy buffet that everyone just loved. Thanks to Amy for adding such a fun and memorable element to the shower!!
~ Joy Rosek, Baby Shower 2.12.12

I love candy and I was very happy that I was able to have candy at our wedding. Amy was really great. She was very helpful and her candy buffet looked awesome. All my friends are still talking about it!
~ Mr. Dustin Schrader, Married 11.12.11

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